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Feb 11 2014

Just the Tip Tuesday: Athletes and Their Kids, The Friend Zone Stinks, and Games You’ll Never Play

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Click on the photo for athletes celebrating with their kids

Like any normal human being, athletes want to be able to share their greatest triumphs with someone they care about. Success is a lifeless thing when it’s just you and it. In this case, three is anything but a crowd. It’s cute to watch this stuff. Have fun.

The Funbag

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Five incredible real video games you’ll never play – [Cracked]

Some of the best TV costumes of the comic con year – [TVOvermind]

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Six funny videos to entertain you for the day – [The Smoking Jacket]

Seven people who believe they are a reincarnation – [Oddee]

Amazing magic trick scares the crap out of spectators – [The Chive]

Songs from the 90s that will put you in a good mood – [Buzzfeed]

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Feb 04 2014

Just the Tip Tuesday: Regrets from the Elderly, Horrific Foods, and What is Wrong with Everything

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Click on the photo to read the regrets of people who are going to die

The number one regret that people have on their death beds is that they were never brave enough to pursue their dreams, but settled for what others expected of them. When they look back at their lives, they tend to recall their unreached goals and aspirations. They are often haunted by decisions that resulted in the lives they ended up with.

The Throwdown

Nine horrifying foods you won’t believe people actually eat – [Cracked]

A simple and easy explanation to understand what’s wrong with everything – [Nedhardy]

Celebrity homes that will make you jealous – [Celebritytoob]

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How aliens and humans deal with less advanced beings – [Holytaco]

Joanna Krupa really knows how to put on a show – [Moejackson]

If I want to see a fun viral video I’ll find it here – [Linkiest]

Thirteen of the mightiest spirited cheer stunts – [Oddee]

When I need to find my hottie of the day I go here – [Extramustard]

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Jan 28 2014

Just the Tip Tuesday: Tribute to Mitch Hedberg, Related Celebrities, and Wild Animals

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Click on the photo for great Mitch Hedberg quotes

The late comic Mitch Hedberg had a cult following for his bizarre yet brilliant quotes he’d make about anything.  The guy just spit out some of the weirdest stuff you ever heard and yet it somehow all made sense.  It’s a shame he died so young.

The Tips

Twelve celebrities you didn’t know were related – [Celebritytoob]

Ways we’re screwing with animals for their own good – [Cracked]

When I need to get my sports fix I go here – [Yardbarker]

This is where you’ll find some great rankings articles – [Listgazette]

Least important sports instagrams of 2013 – [Bleacher Report]

Anything involving Georgia Salpa makes me wild – [Heyman Hustle]

Selena Gomez poses for Teen Vogue – [The Blemish]

The people of Walmart always gets a laugh – [Holytaco]

Jessica Jarrell looks quite good in a red dress – [Moejackson]

Rules of engagement dealing with an Eskimo brother – [The Smoking Jacket]

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Jan 21 2014

Just the Tip Tuesday: Human Brain, Awesome Sports Toys, and Kids Answer in Funny Ways

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Click on the photo for 5 ways the human brain dooms the economy

When the economy goes bad, we all want to blame somebody else, from politicians to banks to shape-shifting alien reptiles. And while much of that finger pointing may be justified (except for the reptiles thing), the problem comes down to how all of us are wired. Remember, what we all think of as a “normal” human life — education, career, finances — is in fact a very recent invention.

The Throwdown

Ranking the best sports toys from your childhood – [Bleacher Report]

Some of the funniest and inappropriate kids test answers – [Nedhardy]

Violent video games that can teach you a lesson – [Doubleviking]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

A funny document of celebrity to do lists – [Holytaco]

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Seven crazy sporting records you’ve never heard of – [The Smoking Jacket]

Ten of the best fictional coaches in movies – [COED]

How to de-code a college girls’ dorm room for hooking up – [Brobible]

Check out the latest girl next door – [Bullz-Eye]

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Jan 14 2014

Just the Tip Tuesday: Awesome Jean Claude Van Damme Quotes, Paper Laws, and Mascot Injuries

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Click on the photo for more awesome quotes by JCVD

One of the very first galleries we ever did on this website was one that featured some of the best Jean Claude Van Damme quotes of all time.  But that was 5 years ago.  And in that five years he’s had plenty of new ones.   Plus that split commercial made him famous again for a few days.

The Tips

Five laws that made perfect sense on paper – [Cracked]

Some of the strangest mascot injuries of all time – [Bleacher Report]

Twelve of the most evil couples in TV history – [TVovermind]

A bunch of cool pictures to get you through the day – [Funtasticus]

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Surreal photographs of exploding cars – [RSVLTS]

A bunch of pretty funny Gary Busey GIFs – [COED]

Four awesome ways that the pope could impress us – [Holytaco]

Ten of the worst first times for anything – [Oddee]

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Jan 07 2014

Just the Tip Tuesday: English Makes no Sense, Crazy Products, and Lady Gaga

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Click on the photo for reasons why English makes no sense

As much as we might judge people for their bad spelling, the truth is that English spelling doesn’t make any sense. It turns out there’s one perfectly good reason for that and many other eccentricities of the language, and that one good reason is actually a bunch of stupid reasons

The Tips

Crazy products you never knew existed – [Nedhardy]

Lady Gaga will always stun us with her wardrobe choices – [Celebritytoob]

Claudia Romani is my new favorite girl – [Moejackson]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Underestimated items that wound up being worth a fortune – [Oddee]

Fifteen perfect ways to troll a movie buff – [Buzzfeed]

Things is sports we are most thankful for – [Bleacher Report]

Five of the most disturbing suitcases in movies – [Maxim]

The funny 2014 Kanye West to do list – [Holytaco]

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Dec 31 2013

Just the Tip Tuesday: Outsmarting the Censors, Historic Events on Instagram, and Frankie Vegas

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Click on the photo for sneaky ways TV shows outsmarted censors

We all assume that, to some degree, movies and TV shows are being held back by the tyrannical hand of censorship, and most of the time we’re right. But some creatives aren’t so easy to push around — they have a message, dammit, and they’ll do anything they can to get it to the people, even if it means lies, deception, or hot interracial make-out sessions. They’ll take that bullet … for art.

The Tips

If historic events were posted on Instagram – [Nedhardy]

Frankie Vegas is a model you’ll want to remember – [Moejackson]

The longest running reality TV shows of all time – [TVovermind]

How much would you pay to hang out with a pro athlete? – [Bleacher Report]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

The one worst comic book movie of all time – [Holytaco]

It’s nice to look at NBA dancers every once in a while – [COED]

Mystifying glory in the curve of an arched back – [The Chive]

The top ten best things about being a mascot – [The Smoking Jacket]

Home decor choices that are dating red flags – [Buzzfeed]

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Dec 24 2013

Just the Tip Tuesday: Sci-Fi Issues, Amazing Bedrooms for Kids, and Chris Bosh as a Child

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Click on the photo for sci-fi technologies with unaddressed problems

For over a century now, science fiction has been pretty good at predicting future developments. However, there are some admittedly cool future advances presented to us by sci-fi movies that we hope never come to pass, because when you stop to think about them, they would cause more trouble than they’re worth.

The Tips

Seventeen of the coolest kid bedrooms you’ll ever see – [Nedhardy]

A very funny picture of a young Chris Bosh – [Unathletic]

Once again, anything with Georgia Salpa is reason to be happy – [Heyman Hustle]

Jessica Sutta likes to show it off on the beach – [The Blemish]

Whenever I need to get my sports fix I go here – [Yardbarker]

You might want to check out the rock ski instrument – [Hispotion]

A funny joke on how to travel on a budget – [Funtasticus]

Some really awesome fan filmed footage in sports – [Bleacher Report]

Historical photos that are filled with fun facts – [The Chive]

Amazing stories of stuff that was discovered by accident – [Oddee]

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Dec 17 2013

Just the Tip Tuesday: Genius Product you Don’t Know, Medical Urban Legends, and a Corporate Office Job

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Click on the photo for genius products you didn’t know existed

Take a photo of your unwanted mail, upload it to the app, and you will automatically be removed from their distribution lists.  That’s just one of 27 products that Quora mentioned in a thread that we should know about but don’t.  Definitely check out the rest.

The Tips

Five Medical Urban legends that actually came true – [Cracked]

A typical week in a corporate office job – [Nedhardy]

Five of the best SNL hosts of all time – [TVOvermind]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Selena Gomez killed it in this dress – [Moejackson]

The most awesome mustaches in history – [COED]

Some of the worst athlete impersonations ever – [Bleacher Report]

What is the deal with the Addams family? – [Holytaco]

Can you tell us what the Vikings did for you? – [The Smoking Jacket]

I like to watch Alessandra Ambrosio work out – [The Blemish]

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Dec 10 2013

Just the Tip Tuesday: Athletes who are Terrified, Famed Lost Films, and Gay Rights in Sports

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Click on the photo for more athletes who are terrified

Adults fear way more things than kids. We’re the ones who feel a hand on our shoulder, assume it’s a killer with knives for fingers and end up apologizing to our best friend in the waiting room of an emergency center. We have many fears, that’s just our nature. Just check out these athletes.

The Tips

Four famed lost films we’ve only just found now – [Cracked]

The best gay rights moments in sports – [The Smoking Jacket]

Easily the best post Breaking Bad picture so far – [TVOvermind]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Chris Brown explains himself in GIF form – [Holytaco]

Ten of the weirdest looking insects – [Oddee]

Incredible New York artwork in just over 6 minutes – [The Chive]

This is how you scrub your way to smooth skin – [COED]

Ladies I’d like to be hanging out with right now – [Heyman Hustle]

How can you not like Selena Gomez at the beach? – [The Blemish]

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