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Mar 01 2010

Insane Japanese Jetpack Gameshow Video

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And, we’re back!  Japanese Gameshow time!  Thank God.  It’s been months since I’ve posted one of these bad boys.  And just when I was starting to give up the Japanese picked me right back up.

We’re gonna have to post these more often.  God I love that country.

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Jun 04 2009

It’s Been a While Since We’ve Seen This One

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I know I haven’t shown too many good Japanese Gameshow clips in a while so I thought I’d bring out an old one.   Make guys recite some kind of paragraph and if they get it wrong?  Hit right in the nuts.

Man these creators are geniuses.

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Apr 15 2009

Japanese Game Show Time: Crazy Rope Swing

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First of all, what the hell is up with the announcer?  Is he some kind of transsexual?  Unfortunately that is something I don’t find funny and is about the only flaw in this video.

Other than that, as usual the Japanese have outdone themselves.  I highly recommend watching this whole thing through.

You know what I need?  I need someone to make a homevideo of a gameshow like this.  I guess Jackass is the closest thing to it.

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Apr 09 2009

10 of the Most Amazing Japanese Gameshow Moments

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Well, we’re finally here.  It’s gotten to the point where I’ve posted so many Japanese gameshow videos that I’m able to put them all together into one post.  And believe me, once I get another 10 videos I will be putting up a “10 of the Most Amazing Japanese Gameshow Moments Part 2.”

I’d said it before and I’ll say it again.  The Japanese are the supreme beings when it comes to their gameshow ideas.  How us Americans haven’t even adopted just a portion of their genius is a travesty to me.  Sure we had that dumb “I was on a Japanese Gameshow” show but it’s just not authentic.

Maybe the Germans have a certain knack but they’re way more sexual…which is fine.  The Japanese are just funnier.  So without further interruption may I present 10 of the most amazing Japanese Gameshow moments

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Mar 27 2009

Japanese Gameshow Time: More Funny Stuff with Pantyhose

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I’ve brought you the pantyhose tug of war.  Now I’m bringing you some show that simply decides to put pantyhose on people’s heads and pulls it up so their face smushes up, thus making the audience (and me) laugh their asses off.

If I ever get tired of this show it’s probably because someone is sticking a knife in my back.  Even then I still think I’d be laughing.  Thank God for the Japanese.  American TV sucks.

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Mar 16 2009

Japanese Gameshow Time: Some Insane Obstacle Course

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Remember how awesome Double Dare used to be?  Crazy obstacle courses, slime, and goggles?  Well think of an adult version of it only much more insane obstacles and for whatever reason the contestants are dressed like animals and stuff I can’t even think of.

There’s just no way that if a show like that existed in the U.S. that it wouldn’t absolutely tear it up in the ratings.  I’m really not sure what these producers are waiting for but it’s beginning to really piss me off.

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Feb 24 2009

Japanese Gameshow Time: The Jet Pack Gives Jackass a Run For Its Money

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Open Letter To the show Jackass:

Mr. Knoxville and Mr. Margera, please for the love of God team up with one of the creators of any of these Japanese shows to form one of the best stunt, funny violent shows in history.

I think you guys can do great things together and I would gladly campaign for you as long as the show stood on its feet.  It would be a real shame if you didn’t try at least something.

Thank you

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Feb 05 2009

Japanese Gameshow Time: Ridiculous Marshmallow Game

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How the hell do people come up with this stuff?  I’m baffled.  I’m simply baffled.  Sure we’ll just stand here with tasty treats dangling in front of people and they have to effectively mash their faces to get to these treats.

I’m literally speechless from how funny this is.  I’ve officially decided to move to Japan.

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Jan 26 2009

Japanese Gameshow Time: Slapping Machine in the Library

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Some of you may have seen the longer version of this clip.  It’s just a bunch of dudes sitting in a quiet library playing torture games.  They flip over the little board to see what the next game is.

Then they draw cards to see who will be getting tortured.  For some reason it always lands on the black guy and the skinny guy you’ll see getting pwned in this video.

Truly remarkable.

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Jan 18 2009

Sports/Silly Sunday: Extreme Treadmill Running

I say sports because when you see how hard these guys are running it’s tough to not call this a sport.  I say silly because well…this is a Japanese Game show.

I’m not going to lie, it’s getting hard coming up with new and interesting comments about the Japanese media.  So instead I’ll just say “why the hell can’t we come up with this stuff?”  Can’t we just hire the guys from Jackass to come up with like 15 show ideas?

I really don’t think it’s that hard.

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