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Jul 16 2012

Here’s One Way to Look at Missing a Cut In Professional Golf

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For whatever reason, pro golfer Kris Blanks does a lot of talking about the golf gods. If you venture over to his Twitter page, you will see that he really leans on them for help during tourneys. However, the golf gods could not do enough for the FedEx Cup’s 201st-ranked golfer last week, as he missed the cut at the John Deere Classic. This resulted in Blanks becoming a bit frustrated with the gods, but being the family man that he apparently is he was able to shake it off rather quickly. This Tweet was posted on Deadspin….

I need to see this guys wife because this may not be as awesome as it sounds… There’s also something inherently wrong with a guy saying F U to the golf Gods and talking about banging his wife at the same time WITH his kids mentioned. PGA fine here we come….


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Dec 15 2009

A Fun Collection of Golf Bloopers

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Like any other sport Golf has it’s high moments and its low moments.  It also has its funny moments.   But the thing that makes golf so special is the fact that it’s always considered to be an “upper class” kind of a sport.  No yelling, no sounds, you must not distract the all important golfer when he prepares for his swing.

Which is why it’s awesome when you see a player get animated.  It’s even better when you see someone completely mess up a shot and fall flat on their ass.  And on rare occasion, you might even see a golf court get a little off course.

Here are some pretty funny Golf bloopers for your enjoyment

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Sep 28 2009

At Least John Daly’s Pants Haven’t Given Up

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John Daly

I’ve made quite a bit of fun of John Daly on this website.   And I’m always torn between thinking “here’s a man who completely wasted of all his talent,” and “here’s a guy who knows exactly what he’s doing.”

Would you rather spend every waking minute working on your shots like Tiger Woods?  Or would you rather party your ass off and get by on your talent?

Personally I’d take the former over the latter.  However, to each their own.  And if posing with Hooters chicks and wearing funny pants is a life, then John Daly has a great life.

Guy looks like he’s at least 60 and now I think he’s just sporting these pants for shits and giggles.

John Daly John Daly John Daly

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Jun 25 2009

20 Pictures of One of The Homes of Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods House

It must be nice to be one of if not the greatest athletes in the entire world.  As most of us know, great perks come with being wealthy and talented.  And Tiger Woods is no exception.  He’s got the money, the hot wife, a little baby boy who will probably wind up being a star athlete.  The man’s got it all.

And while most people dream of having a home someday, or should I say simply a place to hang your hat, watch the evening news, or shelter you from the rain, athletes usually have at least 10 of these.   Not just 10, but 10 of what we would consider to be our dream houses.

Well, at least someone gets to live this nicely.  Here are pictures of what is presumed to be one of the homes of Tiger Woods that is located in Hawaii.

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Mar 12 2009

I Really Hope This is John Daly’s New Golf Cart

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John Daly

For any of you golf enthusiasts out there, you may have been interested to to see latest goings on at the Chicago Golf Show a few weeks back.  But it wasn’t the show a few weeks back that drew my attention.

It was last year’s show.  The one and only John Daly made an appearance and boy did he make a fine entrance.  Daly rolled up to the stage in the Rolls Royce of golf carts.

I would give anything to see him strolling around that thing in a tournament with a keg of beer on his side.  I love this guy.  Though I’m still worried about his health.

John Daly John Daly John Daly

We need more Hooters pictures of this guy.

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Aug 13 2008

The John Daly Weight Watch: PGA Championship and Hooters at Oakland Hills Country Club

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John Daly

Thinner? Eh, it might be the hair

Given my open letter to John Daly a few weeks ago, I think it’s my responsibility to keep an eye on him. Again, I don’t want Daly to be thin. I really don’t. But I also want the guy to be around in our lives for the next 20 years.

Daly missed the cut this year and I don’t think hanging out at the Hooters “Owl Nest” after his day helped matters much.

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Apr 09 2008

Uncoachable Talent – John Daly Never Disappoints….Ever

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John Daly and Hooters Girls

Someone get this guy a wing

John Daly’s golfing ability is basically the equivalent to Ron Jeremy’s penis. Nobody understands how a guy can look like that and be so successful, but then you take a look at that thing and you realize that he was chosen for a reason: to give hope to all gross fat guys out there.

Not a month goes by that we don’t see a picture of this guy holding a beer or essentially acting the equivalent of any NASCAR fan. Unfortunately he didn’t fare too well recently but does anyone really care? Continue Reading »

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