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Jul 26 2013

Friday’s Funbag: Crazy Stuff Babies Can Do, Powerful Photos, and Awkward Wedding Moments

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Click on the photo for amazing things babies can do

Even if you find babies adorable, you have to admit that the only “amazing” thing about them is how they can turn milk into poop. Yet there are some other weird mutant superpowers that infants are born with, abilities that simply shouldn’t be possible in a floppy little person who probably hasn’t lived long enough to see a Christmas

The Funbag

A collection of powerful pictures to bring a tear to your face – [Nedhardy]

Weddings can get pretty awkward in this photo gallery – [Izismile]

Some of the biggest deadbeat dads in all of sports – [Unathletic]

Phoebe Tonkin knows how to wear a swimsuit – [The Blemish]

When I need to find a new hot chick of the week I go here – [Extramustard]

25 of the most honest ways to describe the Subway guacamole – [Holytaco]

This is where I go to get my sports fix on – [Yardbarker]

A bunch of awesome pictures to get you through the day – [Funtasticus]

Seven of the most amazing blind people – [Oddee]

It’s pretty cool to be a forest firefighter sometimes – [COED]

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Jul 19 2013

Friday’s Funbag: Cassette Tape Art, Movies with Crazy Symbolism, and Obnoxious Foods

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Click on the photo for more awesome cassette tape art

It’s amazing that people spend this much time creating “art.”   It’s also amazing that nearly half the population in the U.S. have absolutely no clue what cassette tapes are.  Well, maybe not half but probably a quarter of the population.  Anyway, enjoy the art!

The Funbag

Five movies with mind-blowing symbolism you didn’t realize – [Cracked]

Foods that are even more nauseating than a Krispy Kreme Sloppy – [Holytaco]

20 celebrities that were not cool at all in high school – [Celebritytoob]

When I need to get my sports fix on, this is where I go – [Yardbarker]

A bunch of awesome pictures of hot girls with donuts – [Gunaxin]

Adrianne Curry looks really good wearing yellow – [Funtasticus]

The coolest recreations of family photos – [Oddee]

Some of the most adorable unofficial mascots in pro sports – [Bleacher Report]

Check out the latest internet model of the week – [Bullz-Eye]

Twenty one things you didn’t know about Kate Upton – [COED]

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Jul 12 2013

Friday’s Funbag: Overused Twist Movie Endings, Sculptures in Modern Day Clothes, and Pete Rose

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Click on the photo for the most overused twist movie endings

The twist ending is Hollywood shorthand for when you need to give people a reason to tell their friends about this incredible movie or episode of a TV show they have to see because the ending is just mind-blowing But the drive to make sure every story has a twist means that often we see the same ones over and over again, regardless of whether or not they make any sense whatsoever.

The Funbag

A gallery of sculptures wearing modern day clothing – [Nedhardy]

Pete Rose makes this much a year signing autographs – [Unathletic]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

A collection of athletes who can do no wrong – [Bleacher Report]

Remember when Amanda Bynes used to be kind of hot? – [Gunaxin]

Check out the hands-free whopper holder – [The Smoking Jacket]

When I want to see a good video I’ll go here to find one – [Linkiest]

Ten of the weirdest reasons to be kicked off a plane – [Oddee]

Alisha Louise is one of the hottest girls you don’t know – [COED]

Twenty five things that could have improved after earth – [Holytaco]

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Jul 05 2013

Friday’s Funbag: Pro Wrestling Disasters, Cats as Sushi, and Stay in School

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Click on the photo for the greatest unscripted disasters in pro wrestling

Even if you hate sports, you can still love seeing things go hilariously wrong. Pro wrestling was made for this type of stuff. Professional wrestlers are the best actors in the world, but there are some pretty brutal scenes from when wrestling gets too real. They’re so rare, but when these moments do happen, they instantly become legend for wrestling fans.

The Funbag

Cats dressed as pieces of sushi – [Nedhardy]

Twenty two people who should have stayed in school – [Buzzfeed]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Five weird facts about Game of Thrones – [Double Viking]

I kind of like how Katy Perry looks here – [Heyman Hustle]

When Jennifer Aniston tries to become a stripper – [The Blemish]

Athletes who really should be calling it a day – [Bleacher Report]

One of the best Mike Tyson interviews of all time – [Unathletic]

The top 10 craft beers to drink at the beach – [COED]

Nine of the most shocking teen fads – [Oddee]

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Jun 28 2013

Friday’s Funbag: You’re Really Getting Older, Sandstorm Flight, and Hoosiers Speach

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Click on the photo for 5 warning signs you’re really getting older

You are going to get old, and it is going to happen lightning fast. You won’t see it coming. You’ll just be living your life the way you always have, thinking, “Man, I sure am young. There is little in life that I enjoy more than the simple knowledge of how completely not old I am.” And then one day, out of the blue, you’ll have a horrifying realization that people have stopped viewing you as anything but a kid’s parent.

The Funbag

Check out this plane flying right through a sandstorm – [TC Mag]

An awesome motivational speech from the movie Hoosiers – [Unathletic]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

20 things you never know about “The Office” – [COED]

Cheerleader turned MMA fighter is quite a site to see – [Busted Coverage]

For an awesome video of the day link I’ll go here – [Linkiest]

Six of the worst drinks in the entire world – [Holytaco]

It’s funny watching a pug get really emotional – [The Chive]

The bizarre stories of people who like to get married a lot – [Oddee]

Early years of superstar athlete mix tapes – [Bleacher Report]

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Jun 21 2013

Friday’s Funbag: Why the Maldives Rules, Epic Benders, and Sports Flop Attempts

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PUBLISHED by catsmob.com

Click on the photo for more pics of this amazing island

The Hotel Coco Privé is a fabulous creation by Guz Architects Design Studio in Singapore. The hotel consists of six villas offering scenic ocean views as well as a guest library, bar, wine cellar, gym and Russian bath.  It’s also kind of expensive but man oh man.

The Funbag

Four of the most epic benders captured on a police report – [Cracked]

Some of the worst flop attempts in all of sports – [Bleacher Report]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Now that’s what I call a sexy fan obscene gesture – [Unathletic]

Selena Gomez GIFs that you’re bound to like – [Buzzfeed]

Nothing wrong with the hottest cosplayer ever, Jessica Nigri – [The Chive]

Brooke Burns is a sexy blast from the past – [Guyism]

If animated films had no budget they’d look like this – [Nedhardy]

Anything with Nina Agdal will get my attention – [Heyman Hustle]

Sarah Spears is a name worth remembering – [COED]

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Jun 14 2013

Friday’s Funbag: Supposedly Good Movie Doctors, Funny Kids Letters, and Lost Potential

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Click on the photo for “brilliant” movie doctors who actually suck at their jobs

Everyone who has ever watched a movie knows that reality gets tweaked to allow for more car chases and emotional epiphanies. Unfortunately for the medical profession, this means that movies are full of doctors who are terrible at being doctors. Don’t know what we mean? Well, consider …

The Funbag

Kids know how to write the darndest letters – [Nedhardy]

Child stars who should have made it bigger but didn’t – [Celebritytoob]

If only I could hang out with these girls right now – [Funtasticus]

A collection of fans passed out at sporting events – [Unathletic]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Nothing wrong with bikini girls bouncing on the beach – [COED]

Ten crazy things you didn’t know about North Korea – [Oddee]

Is Alison Brie the hottest woman on television? – [The Smoking Jacket]

Grading the official foods of sporting events – [Maxim]

A collection of the biggest clown questions in sports – [Bleacher Report]

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Jun 07 2013

Friday’s Funbag: Snoop Lion Spends Others Money, New Anxiety, and Mr. Rogers Facts

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Click on the photo to see how Snoop Dog spends money

The night begins significantly less stabbily, as team Maxim heads out into the SoCal night with Snoop, Snoop’s entourage, and $848 of Maxim’s money for him to spend as he pleases.  You guys will be very interested to find out what he does in fact spend it on.

The Funbag

Six kinds of new anxiety that the internet gives us – [Cracked]

Facts about Mr. Rogers that will make you respect him even more – [Nedhardy]

When I need my sports fix this is where I go – [Yardbarker]

51 words you didn’t realize William Shakespeare invented – [Buzzfeed]

If I’m searching for a great viral video I’ll go here – [Linkiest]

Nina Agdal in a Carls Jr. ad is just unfair – [Heyman Hustle]

Abigail Ratchford can’t fit into her bikini – [The Smoking Jacket]

Some of the best “you’ve been drafted” reactions in sports – [Unathletic]

The ab workout that is taking the fitness world by storm – [COED]

Most expensive and unique ballpark foods in America – [Bleacher Report]

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May 31 2013

Friday’s Funbag: Idiotic Decisions by Authorities in Movies, English Fails, and Funny Dog Photobombs

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Click on the photo for the dumbest decisions by fictional authority figures in film

Some of the most famous cinematic heroes are folks who didn’t respect authority and liked to play by their own rules. Well, there’s a very good reason for that — authority figures, from police departments to federal agencies, aren’t known for making the wisest decisions in movies. In fact, some of them are bafflingly stupid.

The Funbag

A collection of 18 funny English language fails – [Nedhardy]

Ten really funny pictures of dogs doing the photobomb – [Puppytoob]

Leilani Dowding is going to motivate you to work out – [Unathletic]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

The only golf gear you’ll need all spring and summer – [Maxim]

Anything with Nina Agdal and swimwear works for me – [Heyman Hustle]

Quotes from athletes that make absolutely no sense – [Bleacher Report]

Five of the best monsters for dads – [Holytaco]

It’s absolutely awesome when news anchors mock Ryan Lochte – [TC Mag]

Ten extraordinary ways people got their jobs – [Oddee]

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May 24 2013

Friday’s Funbag: Awkward Prom Photos, Made up Life Facts by Marketing, and Paparazzi Encounters

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Click on the photo for more awkward prom pics

It’s a day in your life that you’re never supposed to forget.  It’s a day to cherish.  Oh let’s face it.  9 times out of 10 it’s a day we look back on and laugh at how dumb we looked.  That and how young.  And in some cases, really really awkward.  You’re gonna love these pics.

The Funbag

Five basic facts of life made up by marketing campaigns – [Cracked]

Fifteen funny celebrity run ins with the paparazzi – [Celebritytoob]

Just to be with girls like this one more time in my life – [Funtasticus]

This is where I go when I need my sports fix – [Yardbarker]

It’s the end of the week and you could use some motivation – [The Chive]

Some of the sexiest women from Israel – [COED]

Lydie Pages is a new name you oughta know in the world – [TC Mag]

Lisa Ann is now an official main stream superstar – [Heyman Hustle]

This is where I got for my strange stories of the day – [Oddee]

Is it possible Justin Bieber can say more ignorant stuff? – [Holytaco]

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