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Jul 22 2008

Darren McFadden is a Guitar Hero at the All-Star Fantasy Football Draft Party

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All Star Draft Party

Over the weekend, Yardbarker hosted its All-Star Fantasy Football Draft party at Bimbo’s in San Francisco and I managed to find out that not only is McFadden a member of the Oakland Raiders, he’s also a notoriously amazing Guitar Hero player.  That or I’m lying and just think it’s funny to see an NFL player holding a prop for a video game.

And while some guys like McFadden were busy playing video games and partying with younger people, the other older fellas like Jerry Rice, Marcus Allen, Michael Irving and Warren Moon were busy thinking of other things while watching the 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleaders.

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Jun 10 2008

Arena Football Guys Have To Pose with Stuffed Animals (As do the Cheerleaders)

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KC Brigade

When you’re in the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL you are under certain contractual obligations year around. Either you’ll have to do some commercials, community service, make appearances at certain events, or pretty much do whatever your contract states. Unfortunately just playing your respective sport isn’t the only thing you have to do.

But I doubt anywhere in the “big” league contracts are players obligated to pose with imaginary superhero dogs. Meet the Kansas City Brigades Arena Football team pup. This pup isn’t even their real team mascot. Their real mascot looks like a character that would be on “The Family Guy” and is named “Captain Max.”

I mean little Pup is just a knock off of Triumph the Dog on Conan is it not? Well, at least the Cheerleaders kind of looked into it when posing with their imaginary friend. The players are probably thinking “do you realize how f*%king stupid I look with this thing? The Brigade Girls better be giving me head under this damned table man.”

Pictures after the jump

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Jun 02 2008

My New Favorite Football Team: Austria’s Raiffeisen Vikings

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Eurobowl Semifinals

And most times when you think European football, you generally think soccer. Well this isn’t the case. The Eurobowl is kind of like our version of the Superbowl. Teams in this event are very similar to NFL teams only the fans and participation of the players is a lot cooler.

Perhaps it’s because it’s not as big time and the players aren’t quite celebrities like they are in the NFL, but Europe’s EFL (Euro Football League) just does it well over there. You gotta love some of the weirdos that show up at these games. And the Raiffeisen Vikings? They’re dominant.

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May 22 2008

Parcells Does not Tolerate Dancing: Jason Taylor Pretty Much Done

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Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor and his new coach

The AP Reports that, “The feud between Jason Taylor and Bill Parcells intensified Wednesday, making it likely the six-time Pro Bowl defensive end has played his last game for the Miami Dolphins.

Coach Tony Sparano said Taylor isn’t expected to take part in any team activities through training camp. The revelation came less than 24 hours after Taylor finished second to Kristi Yamaguchi in the finals of “Dancing With the Stars” in Los Angeles.”

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May 21 2008

Is This Reggie Bush Partying in Cabo Back in 2005?

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Reggie Bush Cabo

What are you doing there Reggie? Is this Reggie? Sure looks like him to me

2005 was a pretty good Year for Reggie Bush. Perhaps it was such a great year that he decided to take advantage of his Heisman status in Cabo, Mexico. This photo, taken that year, shows a pretty bad ass Mr. Bush probably not too happy about his photo being taken. But alas…

Reggie Bush Cabo

Reggie’s definitely smiling there! And he seems to be smiling with the same little pink shirted college girl. Who the hell is this chick? It’s not like me to write gossipy stuff but when you have star athlete getting his swerve on at Spring Break, it’s worth noting.

Kim Kardashian’s gotta give him shit for this, and then give me a shot at tapping that huge buncake of hers.

Young Reggie Bush Young Reggie Bush Young Reggie Bush

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Apr 27 2008

Sunday’s Question of the Week Involves Mel Kiper

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Mel Kiper

This guy is insane.

As we roll out this weekend stuff, I figured I’d add a “question of the week” to the mix. What better way to start than thinking of the NFL draft guru Mel Kiper?

First off, I love the hair. Mel kind of looks a villain in a comic book movie. Second, I love the enthusiasm. No one should be this into college football, no one. But you gotta respect it.

So this leads to my first question of the week. Given there are 365 days in the year and Mel is preparing for one of those days the other 364 days in the year, how many of those 364 days does Mel spend masturbating to college football?

Over under is 182 days. All comments welcome.

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Apr 24 2008

College Football Star Preston Parker Arrested, But There’s More

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Preston Parker

Come on Preston, you’re better than that

According to the Seattle Times, “Wide receiver Preston Parker’s future at Florida State is in doubt after he was arrested Tuesday and charged with carrying a concealed weapon and possession of marijuana.”

OK that’s fine and all but did you know how hard a time I had finding pictures on this guy? Little did I know that Preston Parker is a male porn star.

I unfortunately had to sift through naked well endowed pictures of the white Preston Parker, just to get you three lame football shots of the FSU receiver Preston Parker.

I hope you guys know how hard I work on this damned site.

For full coverage on athlete’s being arrested you can always check out “Cuff ‘Em” at my buddy Joe’s Busted Coverage.

Preston Parker Preston Parker Preston Parker

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Apr 22 2008

Rutgers Football Getting Kinky on the Sidelines

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Rutgers Football

Nothing wrong with a little sideshow to get the players “excited.”

As the Rutgers Football team gears up for 2008 by working their asses off on the field, it would seem they might have some off the field plans as well.

While it could be a banner year for the football squad, it appears that the Scarlet Knight is about to make a bid for the “getting the most ass” Mascot in the NCAA. The cheerleaders are already on board saying “6 hummers down, 600 to go, this guy is a stud.”

And with a face like that, the Scarlet Knight is all business. “Nothing’s stopping me from plowing the whole damned league.” Fans and cheerleaders are excited.  The current record is held by the USC Trojan (for obvious reasons).

Rutgers Football Rutgers Football Rutgers Football

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Apr 21 2008

Time for a Tailgate – College Football Beginning to Get Hyped

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Football Tailgate

As the spring games continue, and the cheerleaders get their pom poms in tip top shape, there’s also another group preparing for another season of college football: the tailgaters.

While the Pete Caroll’s of the world are writing up plays, pumping up their players and yucking it up with Alumni, there are countless pitchers being chugged, shots being poured, and garbage cans being filled with vomit in an effort to get these party goers into tip top drinking condition.

And this is why I decided to dedicate an entire segment to one of America’s favorite growing past times: The Tailgate. Folks, feel free to send in your tailgate pictures to uncoached@gmail.com. I’m always looking for talent.

In the mean time, enjoy these shots.

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