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Oct 14 2008

A Phenomenal Redskins Tailgate Fail

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Now this is how you fail at something

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Oct 14 2008

The Real Highlights of the Texas/OU Weekend

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Texas Longhorns

This year Texas and Oklahoma squared off in a rivalry that’s easily one of biggest in college sports.   For the entire weekend, students and fans from Oklahoma inflated Austin’s population.  And other than the game (which Texas won and took the number one spot in National Polls), there was plenty to see and write about.

Most importantly?  The ladies.  It’s not just that we see student spirit, hear chants and fighting songs.  It’s that some of the most delicious females decide to get together to take off their clothes and compete in a bikini contest every year.

Isn’t that wonderful?  And not only that.  The young students of Texas and Oklahoma walk the streets before the game doing one thing…looking really hot.

So enjoy the video and some pics from the game which in my eyes, were the true highlights of this weekend’s festivities.

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Oct 03 2008

30 NFL Covers From Sports Illustrated That I think Represent the League Quite Nicely

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Sports Illustrated Covers

The NFL has been around for over 80 years and through those years it’s evolved quite a bit.  Whether it comes to games in a season, steroid use, dynasties, elite quarterbacks or fantasy busts, we as fans never seem to tire of the gridiron.

And who better to encapsulate this league than the periodical that covers sport? Sports Illustrated.  I managed to rummage through 497 NFL covers to find 30 that I felt if you only looked at these 30, you’d get a great sense of the league since Sports Illustrated began putting the NFL on the cover.

Enjoy the walk down memory lane.

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Sep 29 2008

Maybe It’s Too Soon To Say, But isn’t it Time to Get Tired of Chad Johnson errr Ocho Cinco?

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Chad Johnson

4 weeks in and he’s still not doing much (unless you count his TD and 28 yards as something).  I know all of us fantasy guys are waiting for an explosion. Personally I don’t care anymore.  It’s kind of like that guy who really sucks at basketball but continues to talk trash on the court.

It’s obvious no one wants him around anymore.  And it’s also clear that Housh is the man in Cincy, not Ocho.  How much do you think Carson Palmer must hate this guy?  EVERY time they’re on the sidelines Chad is bitching about not getting the ball.

Give me a break already.  OK sorry I just needed to vent.  I just can’t stand guys like this for too long.  It’s enough already.  Hell, Terrell Owens almost feels like a forgotten man.

I think Ocho Cinco will have to stick to chicken dancing and cutting hair in the near future.

Chad Johnson Chad Johnson Chad Johnson Chad Johnson Chad Johnson Chad Johnson

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Sep 26 2008

Maybe It’s Not Such a Good Idea to Win the Heisman as a Quarterback: Check out the NFL Careers of the Last 10 Winners

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Heisman Winners

While the Heisman award is a great honor and clearly represents the fact that you are the best player in all of college, it would appear that winning the award as a quarterback might not be the best idea in the world.

I mean yeah, these guys have to play their best every Saturday, but maybe they could just talk to the board or something and sway them to vote for a running back or in a rare case Defensive end or receiver.

I’m not going to blatantly say “bad luck” here, but the increasing trend of voting college quarterbacks for the Heisman (7 out of the last 10) just might have the Madden effect on these guys.

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Sep 25 2008

Athletes are Just Like Us: Larry Johnson Likes Women

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Larry Johnson

They too throw Mard Gras beads to see boobs

Do any of you guys read US Weekly?  Do I deserve to get murdered for asking this question?  Hmm.  Let me rephrase that.  Do any of you guys that live with chicks or are married to a chick read US Weekly?  There that’s better.

Put it this way, when the damned magazine is just sitting there on the coffee table it’s pretty hard not to open it.  Especially when Britney Spears is in a bikini or bald on the cover inviting you to read.

So those that follow will know this, and those that don’t read along!  There’s a section called “Stars: They’re just Like Us.”  In this section are pictures of celebrities doing every day things like taking walks, going shopping, etc etc accompanied by captions that say things like “They do their laundry!”

Well here’s my version of that but with athletes.  Today’s subject is Chiefs running back Larry Johnson.

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Sep 25 2008

The Largest Compilation of Females Wearing NFL Jerseys Ever

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About three weeks ago a post was featured on Sports Illustrated’s Hot Clicks citing the absence of girls wearing NFL Jerseys.  I happened to stumble across it again yesterday, and decided I’d take an hour or two out of my day to answer that article with this one.

With a little digging, effort, and love for the game, I’ve managed to find over 30 pictures with ladies wearing NFL Jerseys.  They are ladies of all types.  Some lovely, some not so lovely.  But one thing they have in common is a love for their favorite NFL teams.

I’ve managed to represent 29 teams in these pictures.  Teams not featured are the Texans, Jaguars, and 49ers.

Enjoy it guys (and gals)

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Sep 22 2008

It’s Pretty Tough to Take Arena Football Seriously

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Louisville Arena Football

This picture is priceless: Individual accountant ad in the background, mascot, cheerleaders AND kids dancing, two players in the endzone DURING a touchdown.

When I got a load of these pictures from a Louisville Fire Arena Football game, it definitely made me realize that the state of “minor league football” is far worse than that of baseball.

At least in baseball, funny gimmicks and sideshows are saved for between innings.  Not at Louisville Arena.

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Sep 12 2008

Sometimes It’s Good to Be a College Quarterback: Willie Tuitama, Arizona

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Willie Tuitama

For any of you who follow College Football, you may realize that having the starting quarterback job most certainly has its benefits. Not only are you recognized by everyone in the school, you get free education and you also stay in fantastic shape!

Haha, fantastic shape? Sure but that’s got nothing to do with anything. You get all of the chicks. It’s pretty simple. If there’s any profession I could have that doesn’t really count as a profession, it would definitely be college quarterback

And Willie Tuitama is no exception. Currently, the relative of Junior Seau is the starting quarterback for the Wildcats, and from the looks of it, a ladies man.

Here’s a picture gallery to support my college QB theory.


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Sep 09 2008

Matt Cassel Rocks the QB Position, College Chicks, and the Karaoke Microphone

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Matt Cassel

Well at least he’s got an ear for music

With Tom Brady down, unless Chris Simms or Tim Rattay made an impression on the Patriots, meet your new quarterback (and hopefully dreamboat) Matt Cassel. What do we know about Matt Cassel other than the fact that he hasn’t started a game since high school and that he has a terrible singing voice?

Well for one, he’s a cutie pie right? Just look at those dimples. Number two, he obviously knows how to get seconds. First he was a backup to Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart. Then he took the reigns on backing up Tom Brady. You can be damned sure this guy was moving in on all the chicks that Palmer, Leinart, and Brady were tossing to the side.

And finally the question is, can this guy be Jonny Moxon? Can he take the Pats to the promised land? Smart money says “no” but one thing is for sure.

These pictures rule.

Matt Cassel Matt Cassel Matt Cassel Matt Cassel Matt Cassel Matt Cassel Matt Cassel Matt Cassel Matt Cassel

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