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Oct 12 2009

Here’s One Reason to Watch College Football

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Other than the cheerleaders,  I’m not all that interested in College Football.  Nothing against the sport, it’s just that I prefer watching players at the highest skill level.   And that would be the NFL.  And yes, I can write 6 pages describing why.

And don’t get me wrong.  College sports are very exciting.  I’m just more prone to pro sports.  But if there’s a reason to watch the NCAA this year?  It’s to see dudes like this….

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Oct 02 2009

The Dumbest High School Football Player Of The Year

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If you can get through the annoying lisp of the announcer, you’ll eventually get to the meat and potatoes of this video.

I do like the internet awareness of the moron who says “It’s gonna be on youtube.”

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Jul 28 2009

10 Michael Vick Signs I’d like to See on Television this Season

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Michael Vick

As everyone is already well aware, Michael Vick has been conditionally reinstated by the NFL.   I couldn’t care less if the guy plays or not. I most certainly won’t be drafting him for my fantasy squadron.  And while everyone waits until week 6 to see whether the guy actually plays for the team that will eventually sign him, I’m more concerned about the humor.

In particular?  The guy is gonna get booed like crazy.  And that means there are going to be some really creative fans out there.  I’m pretty excited to see what people come up with.

Personally, here are 10 signs I’d like to see come out when Vick hits the field

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Jul 01 2009

Amazing One-Handed Catches in Football

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It’s awesome when football players lay out for a catch.  It’s awesome when you see how fast they are to go out and grab a ball from nowhere.  It’s fun seeing them snag a ball from another player in midair and that being ruled a catch.   But personally I think the most badass type of catch is the one-handed catch.

I don’t know what it is but it just looks impossible.  Ever catch a ball one handed?  It’s gotta be one of the most exhilarating feelings in sport.  It’s right up there with hitting a really nice golf shot.  Just one of those things that “feels” perfect.   You know, smashing an ace.  Clubbing a home run.  Knocking a guy out with one punch.  The list goes on.

The one handed catch.  It’s fannnntastic

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Jun 12 2009

10 Awesome High School Running Back Videos

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Every year in football there’s a ton of running backs that dazzle in high school.  And every year virtually all of them turn into dust in the NCAA.  But ever stop to think about how much better these guys are than their competition while they’re still in high school?  It’s really quite absurd.

Some of the highlight tapes of the likes of Noel Devine, or even NFL superstars like Adrian Peterson remind us that when these guys ran the show in high school it was truly like watching men play amongst boys.

With that in mind, here are 10 awesome high school running back highlight tapes

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Feb 24 2009

Marvin Harrison Will Always Have a Career

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From Canada.com

Marvin Harrison, one of the most productive wide receivers in NFL history, reportedly has requested to be released by the Indianapolis Colts.

Citing an unidentified source, NFL.com reported on Sunday that Harrison and the Colts have failed to agree on a restructured contract, prompting the eight-time Pro Bowler to ask for his release.

The 36-year-old Harrison, clearly on the downside of his Hall-of-Fame career, will cost the Colts approximately $13.4 million on the salary cap. If the Colts cut Harrison, they would save nearly $7 million against the cap.

While the story is already two days old, I wanted to mention it because I think that Marvin Harrison has now had this two days to reflect on his career.  I’m sure Peyton Manning will be sad to see his receiver go but Manning should always be assured to know that Harrison will always be employed.

If Harrison can’t cut it in the NFL anymore, he could always be a Wayne Brady stunt double.

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Feb 03 2009

Uncoached News: Just One Letter Off, Pittsburgh Changes its Name to Sixburgh

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From Profootball Talk

Following in the footsteps of Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl temporarily changing his name to Steelerstahl prior to the AFC title game against the Baltimore Ravens, the Pitsburgh City Council ceremonially changed the name of the city to “Sixburgh” to commemorate the Steelers’ sixth Super Bowl title, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

City officials issued a proclamation praising the football team and the Rooney family for “open, practical and efficient management. The council of the City of Pittsburgh does hearby commend the Rooney family for bringing notoriety to the City of Pittsburgh.”

Come on Mayor!  All you had to do is make it an “e” instead of that “i” and you’d go down as without a doubt the coolest Mayor in the history of the USA.  Well at least in men’s eyes, and that’s really all that matters right?

Not only that, you could have shown the top 5 of these girls to commemorate the celebration.

Well since no one else will say it.  I will.  Congratulations to the city of Sexburgh.

Doesn’t that just sound better?

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Oct 22 2008

I Don’t Think this is Funny At All: The Can Man and Buffalo Bills Tailgaters

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At the most recent Bills vs. Chargers game a new phenomenon has apparently arisen:  The Can Man.   I don’t have any clear cut proof that the man is homeless but he definitely appears to be.

And this is jsut an example of drunk Bills fans exploiting a human being for a youtube video.  Again, I don’t find this funny.  I think it sucks.

To me it’s the equivalent of when drunk people are in cabs and start doing Indian accents or mess with the driver.  It’s just not cool.

Then again, if the dude isn’t homeless, this is a fun video.

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Oct 22 2008

The Best Fantasy League Out there: The Chesapeake Watershed Fantasy Football League

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Great Fantasy Draft

The Chesapeake Watershed Fantasy Football League has the right idea

Anyone who’s in a fantasy league of any kind can understand where I’m coming from here.  There are two kinds of drafts.  There’s the in-person draft that has plenty of options.  And then there’s the online draft.  I’ve been a part of both.

There are drawbacks to both, and advantages to both.

Online Draft:  It’s good because it’s fast, organized, no room for argument.  It’s bad because you don’t get to party with your buddies and get hammered while drafting.

The In-Person Draft:  It’s good because you get to hang out with buddies and get hammered while drafting.  It’s bad because you always have arguing, you’re too drunk to draft properly, and it ends up taking WAY too long.

However, if you do your draft like these guys did, well then all bets are off.  I’m officially having an in-person draft next year.

Pictures after the jump

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Oct 20 2008

One More Highlight from the Texas/OU Game: Long Keg Stand and Homoerotic Southerner

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It looks like my coverage of the Texas/OU game didn’t simply end at reasons to tailgate there.  I found one more little nugget worth sharing.

P.S. I’m 100% convinced that the guy wearing the Texas shirt is not only a humongous fraternity hazer-type of dude, I also wouldn’t be surprised if he were a racist.

However, let us not forget the fact that our true star of the video definitely pulled a nice keg stand here.

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