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May 16 2008

Flickr Friday – Halloween is the Greatest Excuse for Girls to Dress Like…You Know

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Halloween Girls

As we all know, Halloween is not only a fun holiday for children to fill their already chunky bellies (yes too many children are obese today) with tasty treats, it’s also a time for females to put on outfits that on any other night they’d see on a female and say “that girl is such a whore.”

Really? So basically what I’m getting out of this is that on that one glorious night you’re basically admitting to us that that’s exactly how you’d like to dress otherwise I assume you’d be dressed as Peppermint Patty. Maybe? Possibly? Am I wrong here?

Pics and more after the jump

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May 09 2008

Flickr Friday: Everybody Let’s Go Clubbing!

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Club Girls

When is the last time you even had a remote desire to go clubbing until 3AM and hear that bumpy, bossy, bass sound? I for one don’t really miss it.

Yeah it’s really fun talking to chicks who are mean on purpose and wear really high “I’m definitely a snot” boots. Not to mention the overflow of Myspace Toolboxes that show.

However, perhaps some of these pictures (taken by hgordon22) remind us that there are actually fun parties out there, with real chicks, average guys, and lots of lingerie.

Feel the bass after the jump

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May 02 2008

Flickr Friday – It’s Tushy Day!

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Tushy Friday

As we get set for another weekend, I felt it would be a treat to send you off into that drunk night with a delightful array of cabooses to look at. All are perfectly tasteful and perfectly work safe.

So enjoy looking at these fine Aces while you all shamefully attempt to hook up with the girl at the end of the bar who doesn’t give you time of day. Just treat the one who isn’t so hot, that you actually do hook up with, with a little respect. In the morning, all bets are off. Man I miss Spring Break.

I’d just like to thank one of my resident Flickr gurus Bunzexposed for taking the time to upload these little treats.

As usual, pictures after the hump (jump..or hump)

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Apr 25 2008

Flickr Friday – Babes, Bikinis, and Booze

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Bikinis and Booze

Yeah, like we really care that you’re making peace signs. Just set up the cups for another game of Beirut will ya?

What can I say? When you combine alcohol, attractive girls, and a fairly small amount of clothing, you just have potential…lots of potential. I know it’s a cheap ploy but come on, it works, and always will.

I scoured the genius that is brown911 for pictures of some ladies you might not recognize (but certainly won’t forget) having the kinds of times that us guys dream about being a part of.

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Apr 18 2008

Flickr Friday – Random Females I’d Like to Party With

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Flickr Friday - Hot Chicks

I couldn’t spend more than 5 minutes with these two but it’d be a great 5 minutes

Just another Friday and just another excuse to put up some women that I find to be reasonably attractive. But they also have redeeming qualities that make me actually want to spend time with them.

So if you want famous starlets, this probably isn’t the right post for you. If you want cuties in Pom Poms? Check out my buddy Joe’s Article.

But if you want to check out plain old lovely ladies from the lows and highs of our nation, keep reading. If you want to see some unknowns, this is the place.

Thanks to Brown911 for all of these.

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Apr 11 2008

Flickr Friday – Happy Hour, Fernando Valenzuela Starts Us Off

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Friday Happy Hour

You’re A long way from playing for the Dodgers Fernando

Once again, as we continue to experiment with the site, a new segment is born at Uncoached. Every Friday tune in for a round of pictures taken from the photo sharing website Flickr.

Today’s edition is Happy Hour. We bring you some fun shots taken in bars and clubs around the country. Of course, we’ll be putting our own captions on them for your perusal.

Submissions are not only welcomed, but encouraged.

Feel free to send in your own captions as well.

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