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Jul 02 2009

The 10 Biggest Fantasy Baseball Sluts So far This Year

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Anyone who is in a fantasy baseball league should know what I’m talking about here.  What exactly is a fantasy baseball slut?  Well just like a slut in real life, these guys get around.  They move from owner to owner, pleasuring them, teasing them, and then of course leaving them.

You think you might hold on to this player but after one implosion or a series of crappy at bats, they head right back to where they belong:  the waiver wire.

So who are the biggest fantasy baseball sluts so far?

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Jun 11 2009

The Most Noteworthy Yahoo Baseball Player Profile Pictures: Part 1

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I imagine that many of you out there are in Fantasy Baseball leagues.  And while I’ve tried most systems, I tend to find Yahoo’s platform to be the easiest (and how could you not love Preston from customer service? what a gentleman).

And when you’ve been through enough seasons there aren’t too many new things to look forward to year after year.  However, I have to admit it’s always fun to see what the new player profile pictures look like.  It’s always a treat when you run into something special.

I’m going to make this a running series because it’s really hard scour through hundreds of baseball player profiles.  But honestly if you guys have any other suggestions please send them on by and I’ll be sure to put them up in the next installment.

Here are the first five ridiculous yahoo baseball player profile pictures

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Apr 23 2009

Public Fantasy Baseball Grievance with Yahoo! Sports and Francisco Liriano

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You are KILLING me Francisco

As I watched the quick, not slow death of Francisco Liriano last night I become more and more infuriated that he was locked into my lineup as of 12:35 PM yesterday.  This of course was due to the doubleheader that took place between the Red Sox and Twins.

So each time I struck a blow to my wall causing very large holes, I referred to this letter sent by our man Preston in customer care at Yahoo! Sports.

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Apr 03 2008

Fantasy Baseball Quandary – Pitcher and Hitter Face Off

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Trevor Hoffman

Dude, you are really pissing me off right now

What happens when you read an article like this? Trevor Hoffman coughed up a 3 run lead to Lance Berkman last night and what do I see on my Fantasy stats the next day? A nice whopping 54.00 ERA and 6.00 WHIP line for Hoffman.

Problem is, I also have Lance Berkman on my team. And while it’s lovely he went 3-5, scored 3 runs, homered, got 3 RBI’s, and a steal, this produces a dilemma. When a pitcher and batter are both on your team and are squaring off, who do you root for?

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Mar 31 2008

My Fantasy Baseball Team Sucks and I’d Rather Look at Player’s Wives/Girlfriends

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Jose and Melissa Lima

So it’s Monday, tons of day games and the MLB is officially underway. From now until September a gazillion people will be working way less because they are refreshing Rotoworld every 6 seconds and trying to find out the latest news on players they would never care about except that they might produce a week’s worth of fantasy stats that could end up being the difference maker at the end of the year.

Pictures of hot baseball wives/girlfriends and more after the jump

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