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Jun 23 2011

Five Steven Seagal Moments That you Can’t Teach

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There are certain actors that come along only once in a while that you just have to love.   I mean this in both a making fun of but also 100% respect kind of a way.   And I’m referring to action stars that when you look at some of their old work, it makes you laugh.

I’m talking about guys like Van Damme, Jesse Ventura, Roddy Piper, Arnold, the list goes on.  Today?  Today I’m talking about Steven Seagal.  Funny thing is of all the guys mentioned, in real life Seagal would whoop them all in a fight.

Anyway, here are five Seagal moments you have to see…..

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Jun 06 2011

Playing Someone A Tad Too Young Are We?

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I was watching the movie Swingers the other day and couldn’t help love that scene when Vince Vaughn is describing an audition he has for a part that he felt he nailed.   At the time Vaughn was in his 20s and the role he auditioned for was for an eleven-year-old.  It was a hilarious scene but even more weird is the fact that this goes on in Hollywood all the time.

I mean look at guys like Tom Cruise who are forever young.  I mean he’s still playing roles of guys that should be in their 20s.  Anyway, I felt it would be fun to mention five actors who played parts that were way too young for their ages…..

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May 25 2011

Seven of the Most Notable Celebrity Meltdowns

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As my guys at Guyism best said it…..”Who doesn’t want fame and fortune? Even if you don’t want one, you definitely want the other. But once you get to that point and beyond, just how much is too much? At what point does the nonstop attention and ridiculous bank account cause you to start to lose your mind a bit?”

Well clearly it has caused plenty of people to be off center at one point in their lives.  In fact so much so that they got caught in the act.

Check out these seven notable celebrity meltdowns…..

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May 16 2011

Seven 80s TV Characters I’d Definitely Hang Out With

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About a month ago I read a cool article the centered on cool 80s film characters to hang out with.  The article touched on seven guys that I have to admit were excellent choices.  You know, dudes like Ferris Bueller and guys you know you could either have a great adventure with or ones that could hook you up with girls.

But how about television?  Just as in movies there are plenty of TV characters that are worthy of company.   Here are seven that I would choose to hang out with…..

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May 13 2011

Eight Fictional Movie Heroes That Appropriately Died

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Too often in movies the heroes tend to live when they really shouldn’t.   Whether it’s avoiding 100 bullets or managing to be “that close” to getting hit by a car, a boulder, or just about anything that could kill you, Hollywood has been and will always be a fan of the happy ending.

However, some movies get it right.  And some movies portray death in a way that is noble and what I would call appropriate.   Realistically these characters should die and that the director allows it to happen makes me happy.

Here are eight fictional movie heroes that died appropriately….SPOILERS ahead so be careful

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May 10 2011

5 Twisted Lessons Lindsay Lohan Has Tought our Youth

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It’s not really my style to do a post on a celebrity but in the case of Lindsay Lohan I think she’s pretty much earned it.   I’m not really sure she’s the reason that reality TV is the way it is today in terms of praising the destructive lives of celebrities but you can be damned sure she’s a big part of it.

And rather than us focus on how sick she is, Lohan is merely a target for us to make fun of and in fact, encourage.  Why she and Charlie Sheen aren’t a couple is a mystery to me.

Anyway, here are five twisted lessons Lohan has taught us all…..

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Apr 28 2011

Six Temper Tantrums for the Ages

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The wife and I have been talking kids more and more lately.  It’s not that we can’t be good parents, it just that right now we’re not sure we even want to be parents.   I’ve got nieces and a nephew.   It’s nice to be able to hand them back to the parents you know?

Forgive me but kids are a royal pain and cause too much stress.  And if that isn’t enough, they can go absolutely ballistic without any kind of warning.   It’s really not fair.

These tantrums will make you second guess wanting to be a parent….

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Apr 27 2011

7 Beautiful Athletes Who Posed for Playboy

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As you know I’m a pretty big fan of Playboy.  I mean what heterosexual male isn’t?    I suppose I could go without all the articles and what not but still, it’s nice to see people you didn’t expect to pose naked, bare it all.

Which brings up a special kind of person who rarely graces the magazine cover:  athletes.   Over the years female athletes are starting to come around to taking their clothes off.

Here are 7 in particular I’d like to share with you…..

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Apr 11 2011

7 Cheesy 80s Movies With Nudity You Might Have Overlooked

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The one thing that I’ll grant directors like Todd Phillips and Judd Apatow is the fact that they’re starting to integrate nudity into their comedies.   If you all remember, funny comedies lost that stupid, dumb for no reason nudity thing all through the late 80s and pretty much all of the 90s.

Think quality movies like Bachelor Party or Fast Times at Ridgemont High.   Tons of nudity and really for no reason.  But that’s what made the 80s such a great time for the comedy flick.  And talk about worthless and dumb movies?  That was even better.

While I don’t think we’ll ever be back there at least it’s fun to reflect on some of the poorer qualities movies that you could always count on for a little offing of the clothes.

Check out these seven ridiculous 80s comedy movies that have nudity…..

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Apr 06 2011

Is Demonic Possession Real? These Five Videos Say So

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Alright, let’s get this out there.   Are Exorcisms real?  I mean we’ve been seeing movies based on the subject for years.   We’ve been reading about paranormal activity since biblical times.   And yet why is it that there’s no real, scientific, visual proof?

I mean yeah there are some cracked out looking people on film that may or may not be possessed by what they’d call a demon.  However, maybe they’re just on drugs?

I don’t know.  I’m quite skeptical about this entire subject altogether.  Then again, you decide.  Check out these five “real” demonic possession videos…..

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