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Mar 25 2014

Can RESQWATER Really Help Cure a Hangover?

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So we’ve all read the articles.  We’re all hoping for that magical product out there that can cure a hangover.  Is RESQWATER going to save us?  While we may never have that magical hangover cure, apparently RESQWATER is making some noise in the hangover helpers department.  Founder of the company got the idea when one day he had a huge headache while hiking the Grand Canyon.

He decided to consult with real doctors and physicians who happened to agree that there were in fact some ingredients out there that could help reduce the chances of a hangover.   The product hit the scene in 2009 in Arizona and they’re making a big push right now.

Does the product work?  Well, here are the magic ingredients – N-Acetal L-Cysteine, Electrolytes, Milk Thistle, Sucrose, Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit Extract, and B Vitamins. You’re supposed to drink an 8oz bottle of it for every 2-4 drinks you consume. If you do this with plain water it can clearly help but the extra ingredients in RESQWATER might actually do more.  Is this just another product that will over promise?

Honestly we don’t know but isn’t every anti-hangover remedy worth a try?  Here’s a video that explains it more…

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Jul 02 2013

A Funny Collection of Celebrities As Sea Creatures

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Every now and then you stumble upon an article at the Huffington Post that hits a home run. Today is one of those days. Just look at the Miley Cyrus – Yellow Tang comparison. It’s flawless. I don’t think you could find a better sea creature match in the entire animal kingdom let alone just the sea. Brilliant.

[Hit this link to see the rest of the gallery of 'If Celebrities Were Sea Creatures']

Some of these are pretty darn funny and spot on. You’ve got the likes of Kanye West, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Taylor Swift included in the gallery. These days we’re all for anything that takes a shot at Kanye. Enjoy

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Oct 18 2012

Five Cheesy but Awesome Motivational Songs from the 80s

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Maybe it’s because I was a child of the 80s.  Maybe it’s because I feel like an old far and say thing like “they can’t make music like they used to.”  Or maybe it’s because that smooth sound of a synthesizer really gets me every time.   But I tell you folks.  When I see that end basketball scene in Teen Wolf it really gets a charge under my ass.

Speaking of which.  I think this post was long overdue.  Check out five cheesy but awesome motivational songs from the 80s.

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Oct 01 2012

Brightening Up Your Monday Morning: Thai Sailors Go ‘Gangnam Style’ on YouTube

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The “Gangnam Style” craze has reached Thailand’s navy, which is among the latest to mimic the globally popular dance video.In a video posted to YouTube, a few dozen smiling sailors from the Third Naval Area Command perform the rodeo-style dance and other hip-shaking moves at their base on the popular tourist island of Phuket. Lt. Cmdr. Patiroop Khemtis said Friday officers took three days to film and edit the video, instructing participants to mimic the moves in the original video by South Korean singer PSY. It was shown at the base’s annual party Wednesday and posted to YouTube the next day.The video shows white-uniformed sailors in sunglasses galloping through their offices and officers in scuba gear shimmying up the beach.

‘Gangnam Style’ has officially taken over the world. You’ve got Thai naval officers doing it, American chicks doing it, it’s just all over the place. It’s a pretty catchy-ass song, and we were do for a replacement from ‘Call Me Maybe’. There’s no question in my mind that if this was any other country’s navy it wouldn’t be nearly as funny.

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Jun 26 2012

Five Reasons Why I’ve Warmed up To The Big Bang Theory

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Well I haven’t wavered on Two and a Half Men by any stretch of the imagination.   I still think that might be one of the worst shows on television.    However, there’s another show that I used to knock for quite some time which oddly enough was created by Chuck Lorre (also created Two and a Half Men) and that show is The Big Bang Theory.   Honestly I used to hate the show.   And if it weren’t for TBS I’d probably still trash it simply because I didn’t give it enough tries.

However, for some reason I’ve really taken to it in the last month or so.   And for the record, I still don’t think the show is outrageously funny.   Granted I laugh more than I used to but it’s not really that laugh out loud kind of funny.   Still that doesn’t take away from the fact that the show is enjoyable.

Anyway, here are five reasons I’ve warmed up to the show….

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Jun 06 2012

10 Real Names of Celebrities That Might Surprise You

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I personally don’t think I’d have the chops to make in Hollywood.   I can admit that now.  While I’d love to be famous I’m just not sure I would like the life.   There’s just too much responsibility to other people who you don’t even know.  Not to mention you got people following you around all the time.

It’s like every little thing you do is monitored and every single small thing counts in a big big way.   From the clothes you wear, to the pounds you weigh, even down to your name.  Yes, you’re name.   That’s how much pressure there is.  So much that people change their names so they can be more “Hollywood.”

Check out these 10 real names of celebrities that might surprise you…..

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May 15 2012

Dude Rolls into the Bachelorette on Skateboard

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The 8th season of the Bachelorette has begun. Oh boy! It provided the usual drama, but the highlight of the show may have been JEF riding in on his skateboard.. just awesome. We’ve got the video for you.

And, I have to agree with the comments on this video. Horrible look, but swag for days. I’m often forced to watch the Bachelor’ette’ because my significant other. Is Emily not the biggest sell-out hypocrite on the planet? She gave Brad sh$t for kissing other girls while he professed his love for her. What is she going to be the Tim Tebow of Bachelorettes? We’ll see…

Hit the jump to see the video

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Apr 26 2012

The Future of the World is in Good Hands with Kids Like This

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The news is pretty lame today so I’m just going to entertain our fans with a nice little video. I have no idea what the circumstances of this event are, but I can promise you that this little fella has a really bright future. I know it’s a little kid, but he was running for like 20 feet and couldn’t pick up a wall in front of him? It’s not like he had significant distractions as his attention was only diverted for a moment. The kid just set out straight for the wall.

I think it’s safe to say that human beings are the only creatures that repeatedly run into sh$t inflicting bodily harm. Enough rambling, click on the picture to see the whole video or hit this link.

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Feb 22 2012

10 Classic Random Quotes By Celebrities

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Some of the stuff that comes out of the mouths of celebrities is classic.   Granted some of the stuff that came out of that crazy guy in your fraternity’s mouth was also classic.   But we tend to forget about those people.

So instead I figured that every once in a while I’d provide you guys with some great quotes that celebrities have made at one point or another in their careers.  Quotes that some could only make because of their celebrity status.

And some quotes that are poignant but funny.   Just enjoy the quotes.  Thanks….

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Jan 09 2012

Seven of the Most Rewatchable TV Sitcoms of All Time

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It’s too hard to tell whether the new crop of television shows that we all watch will be “rewatchable.”   I mean I guess I could watch Always Sunny in Philadelphia and not really get tired of it.  But when I refer to rewatchable I’m talking about shows where you can see every single episode at least 5 times.

And that’s not an easy task.   You know, like when you see one of your favorite shows is in syndication and whenever it’s on you always leave it on.  To me that’s pretty powerful and not many shows have that quality.

Here are what I consider to be the most rewatchable shows of all time….

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