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Apr 13 2009

Remember This Song? Number One by Chaz Jenkel

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I’ve been trying to find the name of this song for a while.  As I was watching Real Genius for the 400th time on G4TV yesterday, I realized how perfect an addition this song would make to my iPod.

And as luck would have it, the video is on Youtube.   Would have been much better if I were able to find the montage from the movie that features this song.

Because as it stands, this video is highly crappy.  Still though, awesome song.

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Jan 21 2009

An Incredibly Great 80′s Song That I Missed: Rain in the Summertime by The Alarm

The year was 1987 and I was all but 8 years old.  I’m way too lazy to research things that happened in 1987 to try and “set the tone” here.  I just wanted to mention that the year was 1987.

But amongst bands trying to make it must have been The Alarm.  It’s a shame they didn’t really come up with anything after this.  Perhaps it was because this is one of the lamest videos of all time.  They were doing stuff in the early 80′s and were actually compared to U2 at one point but I never heard of them.

Technically they’re still around but come on.

I gotta say this is a great tune though.

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Jan 14 2009

Songs That are Embarrassing to Like But Are Awesome: “Open Your Heart,” Madonna

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Now by no means am I saying it’s embarrassing to like Madonna just because you’re a guy. I mean come on. The woman has been around for nearly 30 years and has certainly had her fair share of great songs.

However, I can’t deny that if you’re a guy and you’re blasting the song “Open Your Heart” in front of a bunch of your guy friends that you’ll get a slight amount of ridicule.

That said, this is a sweet tune and if you’re alone reading this, turn the volume up. The video is interesting. That little kid is probably scarred for life in some way.

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Dec 24 2008

Songs That are Embarrassing To Like But Are Awesome: “Two Hearts,” John Parr

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If any of you have seen the movie American Anthem then you might recognize this tune.  And if you haven’t, then I’m sure you all have seen St. Elmos Fire.  Why do I bring this up?

John Parr.  A Completely overlooked 80′s wizard musician.  This guy’s voice is unmatched.  And if you haven’t seen American Anthem, please do.

Janet Jones does a ridiculous amount of splits and I’ve never seen her look that good, ever.

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Dec 02 2008

Songs That are Embarrassing to Like That are Awesome: “Oh L’Amour,” Erasure

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I would never include the songs “A Little Respect” or “Chains of Love” if that’s what you guys were thinking.  Why?  Because those songs are just downright awesome and by no means embarrassing.

But if you take this video, and this song, I gotta say admitting that you like this song (and video, which I certainly don’t admit) means one of two things:   One.  You are really REALLY secure in your manliness or…

Two.  You are starting to question whether or not you might be a homosexual.  I have no problems with sexual orientation but saying that this video is gay is not even close to being homophobic, it’s fact.

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Dec 01 2008

Songs That Are Embarrassing to Like But Are Awesome: “Everything She Wants,” Wham

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It just doesn’t get any bouncier and more synchronized than Wham.  There are just so many fun and interesting beats I can’t even begin to talk about how much I love this band in 1984.  What masterful sounds.

All I have to say is this:  “Do do do do da da da da daaaaaaaa!”  “Want to give you money!  Ohhh!”

This song owns.

P.S. This album is called “Make it Big” which then probably sounded like a band who wanted to make it.  Now?  Definitely a homosexual reference.

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Nov 28 2008

Songs That Are Embarrassing to Like: “Arrested By You,” Rupert Hine

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There’s just something very soothing about this song.  And let me tell you men out there.  It’s OK to like this song.  It just has a nice melody to it doesn’t it?  And I don’t care what you guys think damnet.  It’s in Better off Dead so that makes it rule.   It’s Friday and all you people are at home not really reading any websites.

If you are in fact reading this…Curl up in a ball, light a candle, and play this song thinking about that special someone.

Good thing my next post is a bunch of hot chicks.  Afraid I was “turning” weren’t you….

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Nov 10 2008

Songs That Are Embarrassing To Like But Are Awesome: “Last Christmas,” Wham

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I don’t care what time of year it is.  Whenever this song comes on my IPod I can’t help but to be in a joyous mood.  Do you realize how fun it is?  It’s just so bouncy.

And Michael’s voice.  It soothes you doesn’t it?  I’m not ashamed to admit that I love this song.  Are you?  Don’t be.

I can’t wait for Christmas to be near so I hear it 24/7 in all the supermarkets.

P.S. this video is silly!

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Oct 31 2008

Songs That Are Embarrassing To Like But Are Awesome: Haddaway’s “What is Love”

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I’m just taking a guess here, but you’d have to think that Haddaway must have been completely pissed when Saturday Night Live made a mockery of his song with their Night at the Roxbury duo.

And then years later he must have been thankful as all hell considering that was his only hit and that’d he’d been making money off of it for the last 10 years.  Even as recently as 2008 it was featured in a Pepsi commercial.  Ah yes, royalties.

Nevertheless, despite it’s embarrassing correlation to head bopping, it’s an awesome song to dance around to when you’re alone.  Or when you’re in the middle of crossing the street.  Whichever.

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Aug 28 2008

Songs that are Kind of Embarrassing but Great: “Good Thing,” Fine Young Cannibals

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Put it this way, if you’re blasting this song out loud and five of your football buddies come walking into your apartment, that’s grounds for a dismissal.

But damnet if I don’t want to shimmy my way into the kitchen and cook some breakfast after hearing this song. Try this one out. Plan a day to clean your apartment or house. As you start cleaning, turn on this song.

I dare you not to wiggle your ass as it’s playing It’s damned near impossible. Man was Fine Young Cannibals a flaming band huh? Two great songs came out of them though. Nice work fellas.

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