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Aug 21 2009

For One Player, This is What Stonybrook Volleyball Is All About

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Life must be pretty tough as a freshman on any collegiate athletic team.  You’ve gotta prove your skills to the coach and earn your spot on the team.  You also more than likely have to endure a ton of hazing from the older kids on the squad.

But something tells me that this freshman (who will remain nameless) might have actually stormed onto the Stonybrook Women’s Volleyball team and done the complete opposite.

Judging by the pictures I’m about to share I have a feeling she’s introducing a whole new culture on this squad.  A culture that we should all look up to.


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Aug 07 2009

The UMass Women’s Lacrosse Team Seems Like A Wonderful Bunch

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UMass Girls Lacrosse

UMass associate head coach Acacia Walker helped Team USA to its first Gold Medal since 2001 at the FIL Lacrosse World Cup with an 8-7 win over Australia in the Championship Match. Also representing UMass at the World Cup was alum Jackie Rosenzweig and rising senior Merritt Cosgrove who helped first-year Team Ireland to a fifth place finish in the final standings.

Well isn’t that fantastic?  While lone player Merritt was busy helping team USA, I can only assume the rest of the girls were just doing their regular college thing.  Do I really have to describe it at this point?

Sure, I like making descriptions especially when they involve blatant cleavage shots and jumping up and down on beds.  But that’s just par for the course for the ladies of UMass.

I would love to hang out with this bunch

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Jul 29 2009

The Northwestern Girls Lacrosse Team are Champions off the Field

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Northwestern Girls Lacrosse

In addition to being the National Champions this year, there’s more to this Northwestern Girls Lacrosse squad than handy tricks on the field.  It would appear that these girls know how to handle themselves off the field as well.

Well, if you consider slippy slide runs and raucous partying with your team jersey on handling it well, then fine.  After all it’s just girls being girls right?  And I have to add that there are two very cute blonds on this team.  The kind of cute that you want to go sailing with in Martha’s Vinyard or something.

There’s something special about a girl with a great upbringing who knows how to throw down as well.  Life just isn’t hard for some people and at times I can really appreciate it.  Most times I hate it though.

More of the Northwestern girls after the jump

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Jul 09 2009

Women’s Lacrosse At Delaware Absolutely Owns

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Women’s Lacross at Delaware

Of all of the “rugged” women sports, I think Lacrosse might be the only one I haven’t covered.  To me it’s got the same feel as soccer and field hockey.  And I don’t mean the sports themselves.  I mean the types of girls that play those sports.   You know, drinks a lot, gets sloppy but can still be hot? So let’s just start off with the Lacrosse team from Delaware shall we?

And why Delaware?  Well because the school has a 6 to 1 girl to guy ratio for one.  Second is that these girls definitely know how to party.  Third.  I would say at least 1/3 of the girls on this squad are legitimately attractive.  Now how often does that happen?

Here you’ll get the typical tongue to tongue, gangster pose type of stuff one would expect from any social networking profile picture.  Some kids just never learn.

Go Bluehens!

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Jun 22 2009

The Maryland Women’s Lacrosse Team Proves My Point

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Maryland Women’s Lacrosse

I’ve noted my affinity for female lacrosse players and field hockey players in the past.  So I decided to go out and see if some of my theories on these types of ladies were true.  First stop?  The Women’s Lacrosse team at Maryland.  I figure what better a place to stop than one of the best national lacrosse teams in the country?  (even though Northwestern is better now)

You’ll note that my theory is that lacrosse girls party harder, are more aggressive and most likely get sloppier because they have more boy tendencies than other chicks (not that it’s a bad thing).   Were my theories correct?

Well, face licking counts as sloppy right?  I don’t really have the drinking proof (good for you ladies) but I’m pretty sure drinking was done either before or after these shots.

Check out Maryland in their splendor after the jump

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Jun 19 2009

I Would Definitely Party with the Florida Gators Softball Team

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Florida Softball

Since I’m such a huge fan of women’s softball, why not check out the best softball team of them all?  The Florida Gators softball squad were (up until recently) the defending national champions.  And one has to wonder what kinds of qualities make up a championship caliber team?

Some say teamwork.  I agree.  Some say doing the little things.  I agree again.  Some might even say that there are intangibles involved that you can’t really put into words.

Well if showing off cleavage, giving the camera the finger, and licking your teammates face are part of those intangibles then I think we’ve found our answers.  I would definitely party with these chicks.

Pictures after the jump

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Jun 15 2009

The Girls from Arizona Softball Seem Like a Blast to Hang Out With

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Arizona Softball

The one thing you have to appreciate about girls softball teams is that they really do act like a team.  It’s almost like a sorority.  They go on road trips together.  They pull pranks on each other.  They fart, yes fart in front of each other.  And most importantly, it seems that they drink together, a lot.

Funny because to my knowledge the ladies of Arizona have had an incredibly successful program over there and perhaps the secret is all this team unity.

Oh and by the way remember the name Adrienne Acton?  Like the hottest college softball player to ever live?  I have to my knowledge, 2 of the only personal photos around.  So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Check out Arizona’s fun after the jump

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Jun 11 2009

I Dedicate This Post to Hot College Girls Grabbing Boobs

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Grabbing Boobs

Well, I’ve figured it out.  Sex sells.  Oh, you guys didn’t know that?  I’ve also figured a few other things out.  Anyone who doesn’t agree that college was the best time of their lives was clearly either an athlete in college or a 100% antisocial loser.  That or they’re currently a rock star.

I just don’t see it any other way.  And what’s not to love about college?  As days go by and society advances so too do occurrences of boob grabbing and face licking amongst college girls.

So a tip to all you aspiring bloggers out there.  Running out of material?  Just do a college girls boob grabbing post and you’ll be back on track.

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May 29 2009

10 Awesome High School Basketball Recruit Videos

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John Wall

Every year there’s some dude averaging like 38 pts and 15 rebounds (in 32 minutes) in some high school out there.  In fact there are lots of guys doing that.  It tends to happen when you have a college or even NBA body trapped inside a high school aged kid.  This is the profile of a top college recruit and these kids have been hounded by universities since the 5th grade.

However, only a handful make it to the pros and not all the top recruits wind up being college stars.   But even though these kids might not make it past the NCAA it doesn’t change how dominant they were in high school.  And man is it fun to watch them destroy the competition.

Here are ten pretty sweet highlight videos from top basketball recruits from around the country (and the schools they’re committed to)

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Mar 19 2009

These Guys Don’t Exactly Give UF a Good Name

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If any of you know anyone that went to U of F, you should know that these people are some of the most diehard college fans in the country.  I suppose you would be too if your alumni school had the athletic squads that the Gators possess.

So it brought me nothing more than complete joy to know that was a toolbox video like this to show my Florida graduate buddy Matt.  Add this one to the Gators collection.

I really hope Tebow doesn’t play this thing before every game.

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