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Oct 23 2009

Florida State Women’s Volleyball Has Some Talent

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FSU Women’s Volleyball

I’d definitely pay like 3 bucks to go see an FSU Volleyball game.   I mean why the hell not?  They make these girls wear cycling shorts.  Plus they’re screaming the whole time.  It’s gotta be an enjoyable experience.

Speaking of enjoyable.  There’s definitely some talent on this FSU team.  Or maybe it’s just the fact that I would like to spend time with most any college girl in the entire country.

Nevertheless, like any other college in the country, FSU parties, FSU has fun, and FSU has some pretty hot athletes.

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Oct 02 2009

Florida State Women’s Lacrosse Will Send me An Email in 4…3….2….1

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I’d like to shed some light on what’s been going on in recent weeks.  Some of the athletic squads that I’ve been posting have asked me to remove their pictures.  The emails range from polite requests to threats with legal action.  So let me get something straight.

You engage in drunken activity on a constant basis.  Check.  You post literally over 1000 pictures of these acts on a social networking profile of yours.  Check.  You have in some cases over 1000 friends on these profiles (yes I’m sure all these people are close friends).  And now you’re telling me you DON’T want these pictures up?

So when the Florida State Women’s Lacrosse squad sends me a request to take these pictures down, I may have to wait a while.  It’s getting a little out of hand here.

Enjoy the madness

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Sep 25 2009

Tailgating Nation: 7 Reasons You Should Be Watching Tennessee Football

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As most of you know, many Saturdays are prized football game days for NCAA fans and there’s always a ton of trash talk leading up to the Tennessee, Florida games.    And in honor of these games I thought I’d bring back a pretty solid column that’s been lying in the wood works for some time:  Tailgating Nation.

This week we bring you Tennessee.  I mean Florida is an obvious choice but I already covered them some time back.  Besides I think it’s a hell of a lot more fun to pick on the Volunteers.

Here are 7 reasons you should be watching Tennessee Football.

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Sep 21 2009

I Think the University of Minnesota Cheerleaders Might be a Junior High Squad

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Minnesota Cheerleading

Never in my travels have I come across a sheer abundance of pictures yet with such few results as when I perused the University of Minnesota cheerleading squad.  I mean what’s with this team?  I saw no alcohol.  I saw barely any funny business.  It almost felt like all the pictures were taken in the daytime.

I mean come on man.  I literally went through over 2000 photos.  Thank God there’s one member of the team named Savanna who kind of made it all worthwhile.  She’s got a tremendous rack and does in fact like to party.  So I guess I should say “phew.”

But not really.  These girls really need to take advantage of college and stop acting like 7th graders on a field trip.  What gives?

The best I could find after the jump

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Sep 11 2009

UNC Field Hockey Makes Me Nostalgic

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UNC Field Hockey

I told you guys I was gonna stick with the big three.  And it looks like the formula of Field Hockey, Soccer, and Lacrosse has appeared to work for the second time in a row.  Not only that,  I didn’t even have to leave teams to do so.  You already saw the ladies from UNC’s soccer team.  Well today I’m bringing you UNC’s Field Hockey Squad.

Might as well go for the trifecta and hit up the lacrosse team too.  I love this squad.  Not only is it awesome that the field hockey girls party but it’s even better when the girl who is by far the hottest on the team is also the most “free.”  And by free I mean takes the lead on getting into troublesome photos.

This is a great squad and reminds me how much fun college used to be.  This just doesn’t happen in the real world.  At least not often enough and not with enough young girls.

UNC Field Hockey after the jump

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Sep 10 2009

UNC Women’s Soccer is What it’s All About

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UNC Women’s Soccer

Every time I stray from the sports of Soccer, Lacrosse, and Field Hockey I’m doing myself and you guys a major disservice.   I think the only reason I lay away is because these are aggressive sports and you might not find as much eye candy.  Well let me never make this mistake again.  The women’s soccer team at UNC not only has the aggression but they have a prized jewel to boot.

There is a player on this team by the name of Kristi Eveland who I think might be one of the hottest NCAA athletes in the country.  Don’t worry I’ll point her out after jump.  Anyway, I love this team.  They seem close knit and party their asses off.

Never shy to take a picture and always willing to do what it takes on the field.  This is the kind of team to root for.

Enjoy the pictures

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Sep 09 2009

The Ladies of UConn Volleyball

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UConn Women’s Volleyball

You guys pumped for the upcoming NCAA women’s volleyball season?  To tell you the truth I have zero clue when it begins.  However if someone were to share that information with me I’d be sure to tune in to see the Lady Huskies play.  If only just to see those tight little shorts up close.

There’s much to appreciate about this team.  While they might not have a huge roster, those that are on the team seem like a nice bunch.  They’re very fond of horse play in the locker rooms and once in a while a boob will be grabbed during a fun night out.

It’s college afterall and these women need a release.

More Huskies after the jump

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Sep 07 2009

Life is Fun for Some of The UVA Women’s Volleyball Team

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UVA Volleyball

I’ve never been down to the University of Virginia.  But now I kind of want to go visit the Women’s Volleyball squad.  It’s really not because of the team as a whole but merely a few key players that happen to be members of sororities.  And you know, that’s helpful for sites like mine.  Because well, sorority pictures are usually pretty juicy.

And I’d have to say we didn’t really fall short of juicy in today’s batch of Volleyball photos.  It’s nice to know these girls have such spirit and are willing to dry hump each other.

It always makes for a more interesting article.

UVA Women’s Volleyball after the jump

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Aug 28 2009

UCLA Women’s Volleyball Needs to Losen Up a Little

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UCLA Womens Volleyball

The other day I brought you some awesome pictures of the ladies of USC Volleyball so I figured by staying out in California that the UCLA girls might have something to offer.  Perhaps I just didn’t dig deep enough.  Or maybe, just maybe the ladies at UCLA don’t party as hard as the ladies of USC.

I am hereby putting UCLA on notice and this is a cry for help.  If anyone has any pictures of UCLA ladies volleyballers, please send them to me in an effort to beef up this post.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are some decent shots in here.  I’m simply saying that improvements can obviously be made.

And considering that over half this team is doable, we’re gonna need some more skin shown.

But as it stands, here’s a decent gallery

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Aug 26 2009

Here’s Why USC Women’s Volleyball Owns

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USC Volleyball

Of all the collegiate female sports posts I make on this site, how I missed Volleyball is a complete mystery to me.  The girls are long, slender, and are of course in college.  How the hell could I go wrong here?  So I naturally started off on the west coast where a gem lied in the USC Women’s Volleyball program.

The team is stereotypical in that it has tall, hot blonds who really enjoy partying.  In particular they enjoy football players and a certain celebrity who looked like crap at a Lakers game.

And I just want to say that I love you Katy.  I will never reveal your last name but you should be the next Gaby Reese, assuming you are actually good at volleyball.

What a team!

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