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Jan 10 2013

20 Photos that Make Me Really Miss College

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I could go on and on and on about how much I hate the real world now.  I could go on about how I long for the days of college.  But I think I’ve done that too many times on this site and another rant might very well put me over the edge.  I think today I can hopefully just look back and smile.

So that’s exactly what I’m trying to do.  Though I will say these pictures certainly do give me some nostalgia.

Here are 20 photos that really make me miss college…..

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Mar 02 2012

An Old School Collection of UF Gator Girls

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You’ll find guys like me in arguments about which college has the best cheerleaders from time to time.  You’ll find guys like me talking about which colleges party the best.   And clearly you’ll always find most guys talking about which schools have the most attractive females.

A school that will inevitably always come up is the University of Florida.   And why shouldn’t it?   The warm air in Gainesville is conducive to blonds and bikinis.

And here’s a nice selection of photos from 2007 and 2008 to prove this very point.

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May 31 2011

Four Obvious Awesome Party Colleges That Are Never in the Top 10

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It’s my contention that nearly any college is a great party school.  Face it, it’s college.   I don’t care where you are.   You’re going to be partying and having the time of your life in those four years no matter what the location, weather, quality of the school, anything.

But what would be the fun in going to college if it’s not ranked as a great party school?  Eh, that was a dumb statement.  Anyway,  I’d like to know how the hell these outlets come out with these lists.  Do they just go to these schools and party with people?  I feel like it’s impossible to judge accurately unless you’ve attended every one of them.

Anyway, here are five colleges that are probably better than all the ranked ones but never actually make it anywhere on the list.   It’s probably because they’re too obvious?

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Dec 10 2010

Do you Realize How Illegal Most Pledge Programs Are?

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One of the most common things you hear about a pledge program is “the best time of your life, but you’d never do it again.”  And you know something?  That’s nearly 100% true in most cases.   Hell I remember going through my pledge program and it was damned hard.

I’ve also heard stories of other pledge programs out there and how there aren’t more arrests and jail time as a result of these programs is a complete mystery to me.

Below are 5 laws that are being broken every single day as a result of pledging in colleges across America…..

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Aug 02 2010

Florida State Girls Love the Camera

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Florida State Girls

Looking at this picture really takes me into a state of mind that I can’t be in.  It’s just too dangerous.  I mean if you really let it get to you it’s lethal.  It’s quite evident that I’m going to need some alone bathroom time.  That’s a given.  But if I really sit down and think about it, I realize that girls like this were and are totally obtainable in college.

Why I didn’t slay more chicks at Tulane is a complete mystery to me.  I mean what in God’s name is wrong with me?  Come on!  And as you’ll see from the pictures below these girls party.  They do beer bongs like anyone else.  They grab their boobs like anyone else.  They love the attention like anyone else.

You just have to be there and make sure you’re the guy they’re looking at.  God dammit I’m getting upset.  More Florida State blondness after the jump

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Jun 29 2010

The University of Maryland’s Third Annual Undie Run

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Maryland Undie Run

Man it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a legitimately good Undie Run.  I miss those days.  I truly do.  And while this particular undie run happened over 2 months ago I think it’s safe to say that there are still plenty of you out there that don’t have records of this blessed event.

The event was put together by a company called Route One for Life which is a non profit organization that raises money in the fight against Domestic violence.   The site itself was founded with the purposes of helping regional causes and having fun while doing it.

Oh so that explains it!  Might as well have drunk college kids running around in underwear, rocking out to music, and having push up contests as long as it’s for a good cause right?  Whee!

More underwear after the jump

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Jun 21 2010

The UC Irvine Undie Run Looked Enjoyable

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UCI Undie Run

While colleges around the country have been winding down, some folks relieve the pressure in their own way.  Let’s take UC Irvine for example.  Instead of going out and getting wasted (well I’m sure they do that), the students here take off all their clothes and run around for a while.

The nice thing about the Irvine run is that they hold it twice a year during both final terms.  It’s about feeling totally free and living the college lifestyle.  Drop your pants, rip off your shirts and join the fun in the Undie Run!

Yeah whatever.  Pictures after the jump

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Apr 07 2010

Four Things You Got Away With in College That You’d Have a Tough Time Pulling Off Now

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If you can’t tell by now I desperately miss the college life.  After all it’s a world like none other.  Your responsibility is basically zero.  Most of us lived off our parents money, and we basically did whatever we wanted for four years with the occasional test or paper to worry about.

Amongst all this zero responsibility lied some amazing experiences.  Usually those experiences entailed sex, drugs, and breaking the law.  Clearly things that you just can’t get away with now in the real world.

There were four things in particular that I remember doing quite easily in college that I just can’t do now

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Mar 29 2010

UCLA’s Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority Has a Nice Following

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UCLA Kappas

Oh and let’s just add one more fan to the UCLA Kappa Page on Facebook.  Yes, apparently this sorority is so well known that they have 696 fans on their Facebook page.  Way to go ladies.  I can give a few reasons as to why this is the case.

Let’s start off with the fact that these girls are quite attractive.  That’s always a good start.  Second?  Well it would appear that these girls can throw down with the best of them.  And lastly, a fair share of UCLA’s cheerleading squad happen to be Kappas.  Way to go ladies!

Combine all these factors and you have one hell of a sorority.  Of course photo evidence would be a nice supporter of these said factors.

Naturally I have provided some after the jump

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Oct 28 2009

The Hottest Coaches Wives in College Football

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Coaches Wives

It’s as good a topic as any I guess.   But after doing a bit of research I have to say I’m somewhat surprised.  Most college football coaches are former players.  Am I right?  So wouldn’t it stand to reason that these guys would pretty much all have smoking wives?

Oh yes, another thing.  Even if they’re not players, most college coaches are revered by their schools (assuming they have winning records).  So it would then stand to reason that these guys would have their pick of the litter would it not?

I don’t know man.  I don’t get it.  But here are the hottest coaches wives that I could muster up.

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