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Sep 08 2008

These Southern Girls Look Like They Know How to Enjoy Themselves

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Cougar Girls

You know something? I have to be honest. The University of Houston almost sounds like a made up school doesn’t it? It’s kind of like Western University in Blue Chips or The University of the United States in Coming to America. But kids go here. It’s real.

They have a football team and everything. And they even have their own cheerleaders! These lovely ladies happen to be called the “Cougar Girls.” Kind of a misnomer though right? Most of these girls are under 20 years old which would hardly classify them as cougars.

But they, like any other college girl, like to go out, get drunk, act silly, and of course record these events with a camera. And who am I to deny us of the pleasure of viewing these photos?

Enjoy the Cougars after the jump

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Sep 03 2008

University of Texas in the Early Running for Best Cheerleader Outfits

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UT Cheerleaders

After reading about the Texas Longhorns romp over Florida Atlantic this weekend, I was reminded of a great reason to love Texas football: the cheerleaders. Now it’s evident that college football cheerleaders are great everywhere, but I particularly like them in Texas.

Why? It’s the chaps man. It’s definitely the chaps. In fact I think I’m going to write a petition to the University of Texas that bans any cheerleader from taking those chaps off. Some may argue that it’s sexier when the chaps are removed.

I vote on the contrary. Plus I really dig those little cowboy/cowgirlish jackets they start off with. I don’t know maybe it’s just the fact that they’re all in college damnet. And I’m practically 10 years removed staying up till 1am doing my Fantasy Football draft.

Where have I gone? Pics after the jump

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Jun 17 2008

Partying with College Cheerleaders: WCSU Teaches us the Art of Bikini Sledding

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WCSU Cheerleaders

Must have been a pretty cold winter back in 2005, but that had absolutely zero effect on the cheerleaders of Western Connecticut (nor some of its basketball players).

Looks like when it’s cold outside, instead of keeping warm, you might as well get drunk, half naked, and have your girlfriends push you around in the snow while your sitting on a baking sheet. Sounds about right to me.

And then when you’re done? Play a few rounds of Beirut and pose in front of “safe sex posters” in your underwear. That seems to make a lot of sense. Isn’t college lovely?

Check out the WCSU girls going Polar Bear Style after the jump

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Jun 13 2008

Partying With College Cheerleaders: Virginia Tech’s 2005 Squad at the NCA Nationals in Daytona Beach

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Virginia Tech Cheerleaders

Looks like 2005 was a fun year for the Lady Hokies. Not only did they gear up to compete in the NCA Championships in Daytona, they appeared to do a little partying as well.

There’s just absolutely nothing wrong with wrestling on the beach in a cheerleader uniform is there? Nor is there anything wrong with carrying around a handle of Captain Morgan’s right?

Man I wish these pictures were from 2008. These cuties from Virginia Tech would have a lot of explaining to do.

Watch these girls get hokie after the jump.

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Jun 09 2008

Partying With College Cheerleaders: USC’s Allison Whitney

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USC Cheerleader

I’ve decided to start a new segment that I’m 100% sure will have zero objections: “Partying with College Cheerleaders.” Allow me to introduce one of the Gamecocks of South Carolina by the name of Allison Whitney.

Most of her glory days were in the 2005-2006 season and she was nice enough to share her pictures with the world at one of the infamous photo sharing websites. There are a couple of things to note here.

First of all, one of the pictures contained the caption “Me at Cockfest.” I don’t care how juvenile that sounds. It’s amazing. Second. There is no second. I’m still laughing from the word Cockfest.

Enjoy Whitney’s Cock after the jump

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