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Mar 17 2009

Drunkenness on St. Patrick’s Day: A Gallery of Wild UCLA Cheerleaders

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UCLA Cheerleaders

I figured since two amazing things are going on at the same time right now, why not combine them both?  Well I’m not really combining them.  I’m just making an excuse to post drunk cheerleaders.  And what better an excuse than St. Patrick’s day?

It would appear that the ladies of UCLA have been partying like it’s been this grand holiday all year around.  And I’m sure they’ll be doing their thing during March Madness as well.

If I could only hang out with these ladies during these tumultuous and “perfect opportunity to take advantage of chicks” time.

Drunk UCLA Cheerleaders after the jump

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Mar 05 2009

College Cheerleader of the Week: Amira, Arizona State ’12

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Ive decided that I can’t hold out any longer.  Sports Illustrated does their thing with the college cheerleaders.  ESPN does their thing with the college cheerleaders.  Everyone seems to do their thing with the college cheerleaders.  Well it’s time for me to as well.

Each week I’ll bring you a lady from a selected college that I think is tasty enough to be up here.  You’ll get a bit of background on them and of course, some pictures.  So let’s dive in.

Amira attends ASU and will be graduating in 2012.

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Feb 19 2009

It’s All About Team: The University of Florida Cheerleaders Do Everything Together

Florida Cheerleaders

I must say that if there’s one thing Tim Tebow will eventually miss about college, it will be the University of Florida Cheerleaders.  Now I don’t know any of these guys and girls personally, but I can say from looking at over 1000 pictures, they seem like a great bunch.  And the best part is that it’s pretty rare to see a team hang out with each other so often.

It’s one thing to see them on the field.  That’s normal.  But after digging through the large pile, it appeared that most photos off the field contained most members as well.  And it’s nice to see how much spirit goes into their extracurricular activities.

From lapdances to tiny bikinis, here are nice moments of the Florida squad doing things together.

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Feb 10 2009

I Dig Duke Basketball Player Miles Plumlee’s Girlfriend (And her Friends)

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Duke Freshman forward Miles Plumlee may not get much run on the court (7.5 MPG) but he certainly seemed to get that “take advantage of being on Duke Basketball” thing down quite quickly.  Miles has wasted no time and snagged himself a little cheerleader by the name of Taylor St. Clair.

No that wasn’t a typo.  She has the exact same name as a very famous porn star.   I’m guessing Coach K won’t be 100% pleased to know that Miles tends to party quite a bit with his woman and her lady friends (who are quite exquisite).   Look man, boys will be boys, and girls will get nearly passed out drunk.

It’s just the way of college.  See for yourselves guys.

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Jan 29 2009

Why I Miss College: Because Maybe I Could Have Partied With the Alabama Cheerleaders

Alabama Cheerleaders

For the record I didn’t go to Alabama.  But I would imagine a school with a rich sports tradition like that must have an awful lot of school spirit.  So it would come as no surprise that the dance team for the Tide would be a fine group of attractive girls.  And when they’re not practicing with their pom poms what are they left with?

Well,  they’re left with the same instincts as any other college student.  It means it’s time to go out.  It’s time to drink.  And it’s clearly time to take silly pictures of themselves so they can share them online with sites like Uncoached.

Don’t worry ladies.  None of these are too incriminating.  In fact, this article is merely a way for me to compliment you on your efforts.


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Dec 18 2008

Why I Miss College: Because the Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders Know How To Party

Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders

Many people think that the Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders are one of the hottest squads in the country.  I happen to agree with this statement.   When you look at their team, most are Blond, obviously have great bodies, but what differentiates this squad are the faces.  At least 75% of these girls are really good looking.  And that’s just a win win situation.

And after further review I’ve concluded that most of these girls are also doing college right.  That would mean a lot of work, and a lot of play.  Why don’t we check out a little behind the scenes with some of these girls shall we?

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Dec 15 2008

Why I Miss College: Because Southern Girls Rock

Houston Cheerleaders

Thanks to some help from my new favorite friend,I’m able to share yet more evidence as to why one would want to befriend the lovely ladies of a certain school in the south.

When they’re not doing splits and hoisting their pom poms in the air, these ladies more than make up for it with splits off the field, as well as “to be remembered” drinking habits.  And how nice, they like to record all of this.

So high school kids out there?  Get ready for college.


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Nov 14 2008

Coaches vs. Cancer was a Great Day for UCLA and Los Angeles

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Coaches vs. Cancer

The latest college basketball comes at us for a great cause: battling cancer.   Most recently UCLA  routed Prairie View 82-58  in opening round action of the 2K Sports Classic Benefiting Coaches vs. Cancer.  For those unfamiliar with this tournament,

The Coaches Vs. Cancer Classic (now known as the 2K Sports Classic benefiting Coaches vs. Cancer) is an annual college basketball tournament played in November at the beginning of the season. The tournament was first formed in 1995 as a collaboration between the National Association of Basketball Coaches and the American Cancer Society, with help from The Gazelle Group, Inc. in an effort to raise funds for cancer research. In the current format, 16 teams from 16 separate conferences are invited to the tournament. First and second Round games are held at regional sites selected before the tournament. The semi-finals and finals are held at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

More importantly there were plenty of Bruins cheerleaders there.  So technically we have the best of both worlds here.  Great hoops, great causes, and lovely ladies to cheer it all on.

Here are some pics from the event.

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Oct 02 2008

How Has a Name Change Not Yet Happened for USC’s Gamecocks?


Alright guys, it’s been said a thousand times.  I know I make fun of the word or at least smile once a day when it’s uttered.  Bottom line is that I just don’t think it’ll ever get old.  And you’re telling me that the University of South Carolina still has the balls (pun intended) to keep the name “Gamecocks?”

In this day and age wouldn’t it be time to potentially make a name switch?  Gamebirds?  How about just a bird name? Do the powers that be at South Carolina not understand that each time a cheerleader waves a sign that says “cocks” that every young person (and old) must be laughing their asses off?

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Sep 21 2008

Sunday’s Question of the Week: The Purdue Cheerleaders or the Virginia Tech Cheerleaders?

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Purdue Cheerleaders

A while back I posted a bunch of party pictures from the Virgina Tech Squad while they were in Daytona Beach cheering at the NCA Championships in 2005. Oddly enough, it turns out the cheerleaders of Purdue were there as well.

Which begs the question. Who would you rather party with? While the Virgina ladies liked to wrestle on the beach, the Purdue girls liked to drink out of giant mugs and intermingle with the male cheerleaders from other schools.

Plus, and this is a big plus. There was use of a hot tub with the Purdue cheering squad. Have I mentioned that being a male cheerleader can’t be that bad of a gig?

Check out the memories after the jump

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