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Aug 18 2009

The UMass Cheerleading Partying Encore Gallery

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UMass Cheerleading

Last week I brought you some fantastic pictures of the UMass cheering squad in all of their splendor.  Well, what I forgot to mention is that the 20 or so pictures you saw were out of a batch of around 900.  So naturally how the hell could I just let it stop there?  That would be a complete violation of my own code of ethics which is…no code.

This time we see some of the ladies yucking it up at the Magic Kingdom, at dance competitions, rodeo bars, and of course at your local college beer fests.  Have I mentioned how much I miss college and would trade my entire rest of my life for just one more year?

Damn I want to hang out with this team

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Aug 13 2009

I think We’ve Hit the Jackpot with UMass Cheerleading

UMass Cheerleading

It all makes perfect sense now.  I was trying to rationalize why in the world there would be hundreds upon hundreds of photos of the UMass Cheering Squad doing many of the prized activities us men would enjoy.  And when I say prized activities I’m referring to sexual picture upon sexual picture.  And not only just drinking binges.

These girls enjoy getting lewd even in their uniforms.  And then it hit me.  Since when has UMass been a power house in any sport?  Not since the days of Marcus Camby and John Calipari.  So clearly this team is under the radar.  That’s my theory.

You gotta get those under the radar teams.  They really know how to party.

Well, these girls sure do….

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Jul 16 2009

San Diego State Cheerleading Could Be My Favorite Squad Yet

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I’m pretty sure I don’t have much of a choice but to do multiple posts on the San Diego State Cheerleaders.  I really have to hand it to this team.  Not only do I find that around 75% of this team is attractive and has great bodies, but they are equally as talented with their partying skills.

And I’m not just talking tongues out blah blah blah.  I’m talking making fun of the law in their uniforms.  I’m talking many bikini shots.  I mean put it this way.  It’s like all the dreams you have when you see a cheerleader porn movie.  Like everything you wish could happen with cheerleaders actually does at San Diego State.

Well, except for the porn.  But something tells me these girls get down.  I had to sift through about 1000 pictures to get these 20 so there will definitely be more.

Goooooo Aztecs!

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Jun 30 2009

I Sure Do Like the Cheerleaders of Oregon State

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Oregon State Cheerleaders

It’s been a little while since I went cheerleader hunting.  And for that I apologize.  But with so many female sports out there and the chance to uncover a new Allison Stokke or Jennie Finch, how can you blame me?  But I promise to get back to my roots.  Those roots being to find inappropriate pictures of college cheerleaders and potentially get them kicked off the team.

No, not those.  Those only come once in a blue moon (but I’m working on it).  The ones I’m talking about are more light hearted.  You know, the kinds with splits in the air, air guitar playing in their underwear, and girl to girl wrestling.

Just ask the Beavers Cheerleaders of Oregon State.   They know what I’m referring to.

Pics after the jump

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May 11 2009

I Envy Coach Calipari: He Gets to Look at those Wildcats Cheerleaders

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Wildcats Cheerleaders

As John Calipari prepares to turn Kentucky into a total powerhouse again, I can’t help but wonder if there were factors other than money affecting his decision to make the move.  In my opinion there were.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the cheerleaders at Memphis held their own.

But let’s face it, when I got a hold of pictures of the Wildcats Girls doing their Spring Break thing (amongst other things) I can see why Calipari would want to go Blue.   Also, I’m now able to shed light on why the man makes all these faces.

It’s clearly not the games he’s wincing at.  It’s the all the ladies on the sidelines. Well John, you’re gonna have a lot more than that for the next few years.

Enjoy the Wildcats ladies after the jump

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May 08 2009

I Do Enjoy the Ladies of LSU Cheerleading

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LSU Cheerleaders

Well they’re not quite as forward as the Marlins Mermaids, and they don’t necessarily bite like the ladies from UCLA, but I give full respect to the LSU Cheerleaders for their ability to have fun.  Whether it’s in a hotel room squatting on top of a male cheerleader or acting all gangsta with some tool, these girls are living the college life as it should be lived.

I just hope that someday my future son can experience the purple and yellow like I’m sure some of the male students at LSU do.  Hell I’d imagine even some of the females do as well.

So let’s give it up for the Tigers and watch them roar.

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May 06 2009

Why I Miss College: Because Michigan State Cheerleading Gets Wild

Michigan State Cheerleaders

If I had the option to do college all over again I would probably make my selection based on which cheerleaders partied the hardest.  And why?  Well, wouldn’t you want to be able to leave college saying “remember that chick Ashley on TV?”  Yup, I was all up in that.

I mean the Al Bundy type stories are few and far between these days.  Sure I have many stories regarding my college experiences.  Hell, there are even a few to brag about.  But I never got a Green Wave girl.  However, when I was there I will say they weren’t all that hot.

In any event, Michigan State cheerleading certainly fits the criteria.  They are attractive, party hard, and I just feel like I’d get along with all of them.

Oh you’ll see what I mean

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Apr 20 2009

What Isiah Is Gonna Have to Contend with at FIU: The Ridiculously Hot Golden Dazzlers

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FIU Cheerleaders

As all of you know by now, Isiah Thomas is the new coach of Florida International University.   While I personally believe he has a good shot of turning that program into something decent, that doesn’t mean Isiah won’t face tremendous challenges along the way.  Clearly recruiting will be tough, as well as getting his feet wet coaching in the NCAA.

But perhaps the biggest challenge Isiah is going to face is having to deal with watching the FIU Dancers better known as the Golden Dazzlers.   Little did  I realize how hot this squad is.  It’s a bold statement but I think this team rivals the USC Cheerleaders as well as UCLA Spirit Squad.

And yet again, it’s not just their work on the court, it’s their work off the court.  Oh and by the way this team happens to have a pair of twins Alexandra and Michelle Montesino….as if that’s not enough.

Check out their on and off field antics after the jump

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Mar 23 2009

March Madness Fun: The Ladies of FSU Cheerleading Do More Than Cheer

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FSU Cheerleaders

I feel like I need to get into the spirit of March Madness a little bit more. And what better way to do that than show pictures of cheerleaders when they’re not cheering? Now I know that the FSU Cheering Squad has been busy over the last week or so, what with their team playing (or should I say not playing anymore) in the big dance and all.

But that doesn’t mean in the off season that they don’t do a little bit “extra” in terms of showing school spirit.

Enjoy the madness after the jump

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Mar 18 2009

College Cheerleader of the Week: Kendall Philip, Michigan State ’10

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Welcome to another edition of college cheerleader of the week.  By no means am I trying to stomp on the toes of Sports Illustrated or CBS Sports here.  I just think that there are plenty of hotties out there that go unnoticed.  And that’s just not fair.

This week we head up to Michigan where one Spartan seemed to get my attention.  Her name is Kendall Philip.  Kendall will be graduating Michigan State in 2010.

Stats and pics after the jump

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