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Nov 28 2011

A Gallery of Spring Break College Cheerleaders

Look I don’t care that it’s only November.  Just thinking about spring break makes me really really happy.   I don’t even know why to be perfectly honest because the chances I ever go on a Spring Break excursion ever again are about zero.   God that is depressing.

Still though, I’m somewhat happy for all the college students out there who get to unwind and take a break from their normal lives of drinking and partying.   Seems to make sense.  Let’s go drink and party to take a break from our drinking and partying.

Anyway, COED Magazine managed to get some tasty bikini pics of cheerleaders on their Spring break and we manage to have a few of our own.

Check em out after the jump….

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Mar 21 2011

Cheerleaders of the Week: Gators Dazzlers and Cheerleaders

Things aren’t as great for the University of Florida in the area of sport as they used to be.   No more national championships in Football and Basketball.   It’s just not the same without Urban Meyer.   And it’s certainly not the same without Joakim Noah and his ugly hair.   I’m sure Florida will be back into it.

However, if there’s one thing you can be sure of it would have to be their cheering section.  Whether it’s the Dazzlers or the Cheerleaders, cutie pies from all over campus are one hell of a supporting squad.

Check out pics after the jump….

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Dec 21 2009

Oklahoma State Pom Pom Girls Like to Be Silly

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Oklahoma State Pom Pom Girls

College cheerleaders, oh how I miss thee. How I miss the tight leg warmers and the splits in the air.  I miss the spirit and enthusiasm that comes with a home field touchdown!  I miss when you guys posed in front of “Junk in the Trunk” signs.

Wait, what?  Well yeah.  It appears that the pom pom girls at Oklahoma State have a pretty nice sense of humor.  Turns out that they’re a barrel of laughs and like to take silly pictures of each other.

Actually they might not be funny at all but you can bet if I were on a date with one of them I’d be laughing all the way through at dinner if the end result was a 69 cheer.

Pom Poms after the jump

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Dec 04 2009

We Have Found a Gem with the TCU Cheerleaders

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TCU Cheerleaders

I guess you’d have to think with a name like the “Horned Frogs” that the cheerleaders from TCU would have something to offer.  And believe me folks, they do.  Not only has TCU proved to be a legitimately good football team this season but their cheerleaders have been with them every step of the way.

And no I don’t mean their playing ability.  I’m referring to going out and having a blast.  From awesome Halloween costumes to your typical licking face pictures, the TCU Cheerleaders are a squad to be reckoned with.

Picture don’t lie folks.  And here is a bunch of truth after the jump

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Nov 26 2009

University of Cincinnati’s Cheerleaders Play Beer Pong in Bikinis

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Cincinnati Cheerleaders

I have to admit I don’t think I ever wanted to be a Bear Cat so much in my life.  I mean Cincinnati’s Cheerleading Squad might not be the number one cheering squad in the nation, but they sure as hell party.  Not only that, there are some smoking chicks in there.

I’m not quite sure why they’re not up at the top of the “hottest cheerleader” lists of many-a-internet publications, but after seeing the pictures I am about to share something tells me people will change their minds about both the hotness of these girls.  Not to mention their willingness to party off the field.

From basketball players to beer pong to Nick Lachey, here are the University of Cincinnati Cheerleaders in all their glory.

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Nov 11 2009

This is Exactly Why I Love Ohio State’s Cheerleaders

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Ohio State Cheerleaders

Well this guy is awesome.

As if I really need reason to love any college cheerleading squad.  Well I have to admit, the Ohio State Cheerleaders are especially enjoyable because they have this dude up top.  As if the outline of his penis isn’t funny enough.   This guy’s just awesome, period.

But on to real reasons.  Way more than half this team is attractive.  They grab boobs, kiss each other, have fun with guys at bars, you name it.  They are an awesome group of girls and I hope to run into them someday.

More of their antics after the jump

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Nov 04 2009

Boise State Cheerleading Seems Like a Playful Bunch

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Boise State Cheerleading

Now here’s what I like about Boise State Cheerleading.   And I admit it’s a very subtle thing.  Most of the cheerleaders I tend to post on this site do a lot of off the field activities that I well…..like to exploit.  But not with the Boise bunch.  For whatever reason, these girls seems to enjoy messing around and being silly with their uniforms on.

Sure they go out like most any college group of girls would.  However, from dry humping mascots to squeezing into their locker spaces, this group clearly knows how to joke around and I very much respect that.

Check out the Boise State squad after the jump

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Oct 20 2009

University of Iowa Cheerleaders Ski in Their Underwear

University of Iowa Cheerleaders

It sure as hell must be fun at the University of Iowa.  I mean the cheerleaders dress up all nice for Halloween (in the pictures below) and they don’t seem to get too cold while skiing on a mountain.

I wish I could attend a college like that.  But in all honesty this group seems like a very fun bunch and I’m sure they are all upstanding women.  If any of them ask me to take these pictures down I will politely decline.

That is all.  Enjoy the pics after the jump

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Sep 24 2009

The University of Tennessee Dance Team Can Come Over Whenever They Want

Tennessee Dance Team

I sure hope that the University of Tennessee dance team is traveling with the football team this weekend.  If not, then Lane Kiffin should demand that they do.  It’s about the only chance Tennessee has at winning.  These girls should show themselves around and somehow get access to Tebow’s bedroom Friday night.

Not that these girls do any of that stuff with the Tennessee players.  But from the pictures you are about to see, football players are definitely in the mix.

Just one more year at college.  That’s all I would ask.  One more year.

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Sep 21 2009

I Think the University of Minnesota Cheerleaders Might be a Junior High Squad

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Minnesota Cheerleading

Never in my travels have I come across a sheer abundance of pictures yet with such few results as when I perused the University of Minnesota cheerleading squad.  I mean what’s with this team?  I saw no alcohol.  I saw barely any funny business.  It almost felt like all the pictures were taken in the daytime.

I mean come on man.  I literally went through over 2000 photos.  Thank God there’s one member of the team named Savanna who kind of made it all worthwhile.  She’s got a tremendous rack and does in fact like to party.  So I guess I should say “phew.”

But not really.  These girls really need to take advantage of college and stop acting like 7th graders on a field trip.  What gives?

The best I could find after the jump

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