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Oct 01 2008

If I were Brady Quinn I’d Have Stayed in College At Least 20 More Years

Brady Quinn

He almost played on Sunday, but not quite.  Derek Anderson saved his own ass for yet one more week in the NFL as the Cleveland Browns eeked out a victory on Sunday.  Mr. Brady Quinn was all ready to take over the squad, but he’ll have to ride the pine for yet another week.

Which begs the question.  Is there any possibility of being able to stay in college for your entire career?  I mean what if a player petitions to the board and explains that they want to be a career college quarterback?  Is it such a horrible request?

You’d have to think the board would understand, no?  I mean if Brady were to take these guys out with him and make them understand his preferential treatment at Notre Dame, they’d have to give him at least 4 more years.  The man was a God over there and now he’s a little guy in Cleveland.   I want to see Brady back at school.

And these pictures will support my claim

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Jul 08 2008

Congratulations to Stephen Curry for his Nomination

Stephen Curry

I still think he’s a virgin

As you might remember, Stephen Curry is the baby faced guard at Davidson college who made a ton of noise in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. He’s also the son of spot shooting, flat footed Del Curry. Well now he’s the only college athlete being nominated for an ESPY in the best breakthrough athlete category.

I’d just like to remind everyone that Stephen is still a college boy. He’s young, and he has the same desire to get drunk and party like everyone else.

I’d also like to nominate him as an early candidate for guys who are going to wish they were back in college. He’s only 6’2 and will not athletically compete with NBA guards. I wish him well in his eventual trip to the NBA, but I don’t think it will be pretty.

In the meantime, Stevie Boy! Keep celebrating that celebrity status and lose your virginity already. And also, thanks for being one of my very first posts on here.

Stephen Curry Stephen Curry

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Jun 25 2008

Athletes Who Need to Be Back in College: JJ Redick

JJ Redick

It ain’t so easy now is it JJ.

Must have been fun averaging over 30 pts a game and draining 19 foot three’s in college eh JJ? And it must have been even more fun knowing that the ladies were lining up just to take pictures with you, and in some cases licking those pictures.  But oh how times have changed for Mr. JJ Redick.

While the stroke is still the same, the success isn’t quite there for JJ. He’s just a young guard struggling to make his way. And while I hope J.J. has gotten his yellow, gapped teeth fixed (as you’ll see from the pictures), a distant part of me is actually kind of glad the kid isn’t doing so well. For once a Dukie isn’t getting his way and the expected success and glory of the NCAA is far from near to JJ.

Make all the hand gestures and “I’m the man” poses you want back at Duke, but in Orlando, you just averaged 4 pts a game with virtually no other stats. Play the game and shut up buddy. JJ Redick. Whatever dude.

JJ’s glory days after the jump

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Jun 18 2008

Athletes Who Need to Be Back in College: Is DJ Strawberry a Myspace Toolbox?

DJ Strawberry

I don’t know man. You got the pouty lip thing. You got him posing with chicks and obviously trying to look pretty cool. There’s only one difference. Strawberry WAS the man back at Maryland so the answer is no, of course he isn’t a Myspace Toolbox.

Though it would appear he got a hell of a lot busier than just the sexy Myspace chick everyone posted a few months back.

Call me crazy but I’d be willing to be that DJ was probably having a bit more fun as a Terp than averaging 2.2PPG this year for the Phoenix Suns.

Check out DJ in his glory days after the jump

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Jun 13 2008

Athletes Who Need to be back at College: Shavlik Randolph

Shavlik Randolph

See how happy Shavlik was?

I would imagine more than a handful of professional athletes bite their tongues at the thought of what life was like for them back at college.

With plenty of bench time and his most recent .9PPG, 1.2 RPG, .3APG, and a .286 FG% NBA season under his belt, those glory days of Duke must be gnawing at Shavlik Randolph. And what about high school? There he averaged 30PPG, 14RPG and 5 Blocks per game. It’s a long way Shavlik.

Unfortunately Randolph never even really got going at Duke. He had Mono while there and subsequently broke his ankle. But that didn’t stop Pavlik from taking full advantage of his Duke Center status.

The guy was everywhere and was everyone’s friend. And I’m sure he took down a Duke groupie or two. To the days of college. We miss you buddy. Sorry Shav.

Shav’s party days after the jump.

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