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Aug 27 2008

Some of the Worst Dudes who pose With Adult Film Stars

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I’m sure Lanny Barbie is pumped to be standing with this guy

I’ll admit it. I’m as addicted to smut as most any male. Put it this way. I’ve already done my business and was caught by the woman once today. But you know something? I’m a normal guy.

I consider myself a reasonably handsome young man. And yet many times when I see pictures of your Aria Giovanni’s and Audrey Bitoni’s of the world, they’re always posing with some poor sap whose name is probably Rudolph, not Rudy, Rudolph.

I just don’t get it. But whether I get it or not, it’s fun to look at some of these guys.

Here are 10 saps wishing they had a chance with these women.

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Jun 19 2008

A Day in the Sun: Dorks with Pornstars

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Pornstars with Dorks

As much as you might think the worlds of Porn and Cyber Tool Video Game mania are, they’re actually quite similar. In my eyes, they are both the world of fantasy. The world that you’ll never really be in but somehow it becomes an obsession.

So it’s no surprise that some of the biggest video game playing trekkie, star wars, Doom doers are also the guys that masturbate more than anyone in America.

And you can guarantee that whenever an Adult Expo takes place, aside from sleeping in line for the next comic convention, the AVN booth is first on their list of to do’s.

Enjoy these pictures of dorks with the adult world after the jump

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Jun 03 2008

Adult Film Stars Don’t Fit In: Jenna Haze at the Superbad Premiere

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Jenna Haze

Put it this way: When you’re matching up Jenna Haze with Mclovin’ you know you have a pretty lopsided situation going on. Plus you need to garner in the fact that at any moment Jenna could get on the floor and start a “banana show” (which is obviously the main goal here).

But as you’ll see in the pictures, it’s simply hilarious how every guy that poses with Jenna is definitely thinking “man, I just jerked off to you last night, this is too much.” Seth Rogan’s expression is amazing.

You just have to appreciate how out of place a porn star is when she’s basically anywhere except on a porn set.

Rogan and others from Superbad after the jump

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May 06 2008

Adult Film Stars Don’t Fit in: Tory Lane at a Grand Opening

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Tory Lane

Have you ever seen a porn star that goes to a “normal” place? It’s kind of like seeing a model hang out amongst a bunch of unattractive people. Some things just don’t fit.

That’s why I’ve created this new segment entitled “Adult Films Stars Don’t Fit in.”

This week’s segment features adult star Tory Lane at the opening of an erotic store called the Spice Boutique, located in Rohnert Park, California.

See the average patron reaction after the jump.

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