10 Examples of Athletes Who Just Didn’t Look Right in Their Final Season Jerseys


There are some athletes who have legendary careers with one particular team. And sometimes it’s hard to believe that the face of a franchise for so long actually played for another team at some point (usually towards the end of their career). Sometimes players just have to cut ties and move on, and vice versa.   Most recently I would say the best example is Peyton Manning.  Yes, he has a great career going on in Denver but he’ll always be remembered as a Colt.  Maybe Ichiro springs to mind?  Anything sans Mariners looks funky

Anyway, it’s just weird seeing these guys in any uniforms other than their “true” uniforms.   Below you’ll find 10 examples that really shot out to me. There are tons more but these guys really were faces of their franchises and seeing them in their final seasons in odd jerseys almost makes you think “say it ain’t so.”

Babe Ruth – Boston Braves


Yeah it’s Boston but come on. It’s just weird seeing Ruth in anything but a Yankees uniform.

Jerry Rice – Seattle Seahawks


Seeing Rice in that uniform was just plain sad. Yeah he had a couple decent games but come on man. He should have gone out a 49er. He was solid on the Raiders though.

Steve Carlton – Minnesota Twins


I never even knew Carlton was on any team but the Phils. This guy was a Philly through and through.

Willie Mays – NY Mets

Willie Mays Mets

These were the sad Willie Mays years.

Emmitt Smith – Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks

I’d like to forget this ever happened and I hope Cowboy fans do.

Joe Namath – Rams

Joe Namath #12

Say it ain’t so Joe.

OJ – 49ers


Well at least he didn’t kill anyone on the team

Hakeem Olajuwon on the Raptors

Hakeem Olajuwon Raptors

He’ll always be a Rocket.

Robert Parish – Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls v Golden State Warriors

Man he must have smoked buckets of weed on that team.  Plus his face in this picture is Uncoached.

Dave Winfield – Cleveland Indians

Dave Winfield Indians

He was my favorite player of all time so this just seemed completely odd to me.   I kind of liked him on Toronto though.

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