The Most Intimidating Athletes of the Past 25 Years


3. Randy Johnson, MLB

As we mentioned in the opener, the dude was 6’10”, who looked like he had no idea what anything but throwing a baseball was like thanks to his long hair and unshaved face. Johnson was the nastiest pitcher of the ’90s, overpowering batters with a fastball that was hard to catch up with, or a slider that was both wildly unpredictable and knee-buckling. Seeing him on the mound had to be a scary sight for anyone during his heyday.

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  • Rob

    Umm Labron?? Did they forget Michael Jordan?? Also Gretzky was easy to plan for, all you had to do was put the body to him but he always had McSorley or Semenko on his wing and if you looked at Gretz they wrong way theyd knock your head in…

  • Edward McKinney Shipp

    Runawaywether and not Tyson? Well, I guess if you’re a defenseless woman in whose presence he becomes Mike Tyson (in a fair fight his great “skill” is running like a Frenchman who sees a German soldier), maybe so.