Five Guys Who Pro Wrestled Into Their 50s

Nick Bockwinkel

Nick Bockwinkel

Similar to Funk, Nick Bockwinel also pro wrestled into his 50s and won the AWA title when he was 52 years old back in 1987. Interestingly, even though Bockwinkel is remembered by many, both fans and his fellow wrestlers, as one of the best in wrestling history, he didn’t win his first World Heavyweight Championship until he was 40 years old. Bockwinkel needed to professionally wrestle into his 50s to ensure that he had as memorable of a career as he did.

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  1. Um…. no. Lawler primarily wrestled throughout the SEVENTIES AND EIGHTIES. It was in the Nineties that he started to wrestle less upon being hired by WWE/F.

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