Five Guys Who Pro Wrestled Into Their 50s

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Ric Flair

Ric Flair, the Nature Boy, pro wrestled way into his 50s and was even crowned a WCW Champion when he was 51 back in 2000. Throughout his wrestling career, Flair was an exciting performer to watch. He brought so much energy to each match, especially with his signature yelling of “Woooo!” Even though he hasn’t wrestled professionally in a good while, Flair, at the tender, young age of 65, is still a part of the wrestling community. He even just appeared on raw this past Monday to promote John Cena.

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  1. Um…. no. Lawler primarily wrestled throughout the SEVENTIES AND EIGHTIES. It was in the Nineties that he started to wrestle less upon being hired by WWE/F.

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