Five Guys Who Pro Wrestled Into Their 50s

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All professional wrestlers are tough, but there are some that are tougher than others, some to whom age doesn’t appearĀ to be a factor as they grow older and still continue to hop into the ring every night for yet another match. And by the toughest guys in wrestling, I’m not talking about guys who pro wrestled into their 40s. No, today, that’s pretty commonplace. I’m talking about the extra special guys, the wrestlers who kept going even after they hit 50. There are fans that may want to call these guys “washed up” or “past their prime,” but to me, these some of the toughest dudes out there. Here are five guys who pro wrestled into their 50s.

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  1. Um…. no. Lawler primarily wrestled throughout the SEVENTIES AND EIGHTIES. It was in the Nineties that he started to wrestle less upon being hired by WWE/F.

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