Cheesy But Awesome 80s Song: “Number One” By Chaz Jankel


I’ve been trying to find the name of this song for a while..  As I was watching Real Genius for the 400th time yesterday,  I realized how perfect an addition this song would make to my iPod. And as luck would have it, the video is on Youtube. Would have been much better if I were able to find the montage from the movie that actually features this song.  For all of you that might remember the video, it’s the montage where Val Kilmer and whatever the name of the other guy is, are working really really hard to make a tip top laser.

In any event, it’s just one of those songs that goes incredibly well with a movie.  Also, the name of the dude that sings it?  Chaz Jankel?  I can all but guarantee none of you have heard of this guy before.  If you say that you have then you’re definitely lying.  I wish I had the actual movie scenes for the song but all I’ve got is Mr. Jenkel doing a really bad job.  This video just isn’t good, period.

Still though, this song absolutely rules.

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