The Best Gheorge Muresan Commercial of All-Time


Remember Gheorghe Muresan?  The 7’7 tallest player in NBA history actually had a pretty solid run in the NBA.  There were a few years in his career where the man was a pretty dangerous player.  But what was so great about Gheorghe was his personality.  He wasn’t just some big oaf.  The dude was funny.  Even funny enough to land a starring role in a movie (My Giant) with Billy Crystal.   Plus Muresan did some great commercials as well.

Surprisingly, there are more Gheorghe Muresan commercials out there than you would think.  Good lord I can’t stand writing his first name.  99% of the time you get a typo when hitting the keyboard.  How about just George? In any event, I used to love this big guy.  When you think about it he kind of reminds you of a white Manute Bol (Manute was also known as having a great sense of humor and being a prankster).

No clue what the big fella is up to these days but I just felt like sharing a commercial in which a 7 Foot 7 guy utters the phrase “chicks dig it” in broken English.  You really can’t beat that. Enjoy. “Is that cabbage Gheorge?”

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