The 15 Most Popular Female Sports Reporters in the US

Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews

Even though there’s no real “number one spot” on this list, if there were, it would have to go to Erin Andrews. Andrews has had quite the career, working for ESPN from 2004-2012, when she left to join Fox Sports, where currently works. In addition to her job at Fox Sports, Andrews also c0-hosts ABC’s Dancing with the Stars (which she competed on back in 2010) and contributes to ABC’s Good Morning America. In recent years, Andrews has become more than just a sports reporter – she’s become a true television sensation, appearing on multiple networks and covering everything from sports to entertainment to even washed up celebrities dancing. She’s done it all.

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  1. you said THE WORLD, not 14 united-statetians and one Mexican….theres a whole bunch of reporters popular and hot on Latinamerican ESPN, and also on Spain and England and Italy, do some research and you´ll see…..even more popular with the Brazil World Cup coverage….

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