15 Television Shows Perfect For Binge Watching

"Fringe" Panel - Comic-Con International 2012

Fringe (Complete series available via Netflix)

Fringe was one of those TV shows that took a little while to find its footing. While its first season is good, it comes off as more of an X-Files knockoff than its own original story. That all changes in season two of the series, however, which is why viewers who binge watch this show and stick with it will be rewarded much more quickly than those of us (like myself) who watched the show when it first aired. Overall, though, throughout its five seasons, Fringe is an epic sci-fi tale that makes its characters question issues of identity, family, and destiny, all while offering time travel, parallel universes, and one of my favorite TV characters of all-time, the wacky but lovable Walter Bishop.

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