The 15 Best Female TV Characters of The Modern Day

Olivia Dunham

Olivia Dunham (Fringe)

Both Olivia Dunhams, from both parallel universes in Fringe (yeah, that’s right, parallel universes – this show was sci-fi at its best), are fantastic in so many different ways. The original Olivia is, at first, closed off and emotionally isolated before she meets Peter,  Walter, and Astrid and finds a family with them. And throughout Fringe‘s run, Olivia becomes a true hero for not just her friends and family but for the world. The parallel universe’s Olivia (or Fauxlivia, Bolivia, or Altivia, as she is referred to by different people within the Fringe fandom), on the other hand, is spunky and laughs a lot and is much more spontaneous (while also still being quite heroic herself). The two of them together create an incredibly fun contrast, but even on their own, both of these women deserve spots on this list.

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