The 15 Best Female TV Characters of The Modern Day

Community - Season 5

Annie Edison (Community)

Here’s what I love about Annie Edison: she’s at times youthful, bashful, and innocent, but no matter what, I know that she’s always the smartest person in the room, even if she may be the youngest in the study group on Community. Actually, what makes such a great character doesn’t even come so much from the stellar writing that can be found throughout the majority of Community‘s episodes. It’s all about Alison Brie’s performance. She injects any with such an optimism and positivity, but (and perhaps it’s just the fact that Brie is a few years older than her character), this attitude never comes off as naivety. Annie understands that the world can be a really crappy place, but that never stops her from striving for the best and wanting the best for people. That’s what makes her one of TV’s best female characters.

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