The 15 Best Female TV Characters of The Modern Day

Rachel Berry

Rachel Berry (Glee)

Most people find or have found the character of Rachel Berry on Glee to be pretty insufferable. For me, on other hand, she’s been my favorite character since the first season of the show. Sure, Rachel’s confident, determined, and sometimes even a little arrogant, but that’s because, for the longest time, her talent has been the only way that she could define herself. Her entire story arc on Glee, since the show’s very first episode, has been Rachel discovering that she can find love (either through her relationship with Finn or the many friendships that she’s made with members of the glee club) and still have her career as well. It’s all been about her becoming the best, most fully realized version of herself, and it’s an arc that easily makes her one of the best female characters on TV in my opinion.

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