The 15 Best Female TV Characters of The Modern Day

Sarah Manning

Sarah Manning & the rest of the clones (Orphan Black)

Going from copies of people in parallel universe to clones of people in just one universe should provide for an easy transition. In Orphan Black, Tatiana Maslany (who was robbed of an Emmy nomination yesterday) plays over a half dozen different clones, and any one of them could be the center of their own show their so great. The main focus of Orphan Black is the awesome Sarah Manning, a British scammer turned  survivalist, who does everything she can to protect her daughter. However, so many of her clones, especially uptight soccer mom Alison (pictured above) and weed-smoking scientist Cosima are just as fun and fascinating to watch. That’s the best thing about Orphan Black. It doesn’t simply provide one amazing female character – it gives you several.

Photo via BBC America

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