The 15 Best Female TV Characters of The Modern Day


I’m probably the biggest TV fanatic here on Uncoached. I watch way too much television when I should be doing a million other different things. However, by watching so much TV and so many different shows, I do get to see, in my opinion, a lot of amazing female TV characters. From prestige dramas like Mad Men and Game of Thrones to more female-oriented high school shows like Glee and The O.C. to little-watched gems like Orphan Black and Chuck, there and have been some amazing female TV characters over the past couple of decades. Here’s who I think are the 15  best female TV characters of the modern day.  I’m sorry if I left any great characters from the ’60s, ’70s, or even ’80s off this list.  No worries though, we’ll have an all-time list eventually.

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