10 Out of Place Songs That Really Work Well in Movies


Sometimes songs just seem to fit a movie. For example, it’s obvious that one would use the song “Singing in the Rain” in a movie where the guy is actually singing and it’s actually raining. However, some movies play a song and you think to yourself, “Dude, what the hell is going on here?” and you just can’t fathom why the song has been used. However, after thinking about it you realize how disturbing, yet indescribably appropriate the use of that song was. Here are my picks (in no particular order) for the 10 most out of place songs that work really well in movies.

American Psycho – “Sussudio” by Phil Collins

A whole myriad of songs could be chosen for American Psycho but it was either Huey Lewis or Phil Collins for this pick. “Sussudio” is great and doesn’t really have much to do with anything. “Hip to be square” at least admits the character is nuts. P.S. the scene it’s in? We couldn’t post it here.

A Clockwork Orange – “Singing in the Rain” by Nacio Heb Brown

Another movie where I could have gone in another direction. “Beethoven’s 9th” could have been used but if you’ve ever seen A Clockwork Orange and then hear the song “Singing in the Rain,” you just don’t think of Gene Kelly anymore.  You think of mass destruction, beatings, and anarchy.

Boogie Nights – “Sister Christian,” by Night Ranger

Remember how long the camera was on Wahlberg’s face at one point during this scene? It was over a minute. One of my all time favorite scenes in a movie. Amazing.  And what in the hell does this song have to do with this scene?  Not much but it works well doesn’t it?

The Game – “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane

This is the insane scene where Michael Douglas sees a picture of his dead father in a toy clown’s mouth. His entire house is covered in UV lights and what song is playing? “White Rabbit.” So eerie. David Fincher is the man.  Honestly, that song just fits so well but come on, is it supposed to?

Roger and Me – “Wouldn’t it Be Nice” by the Beach Boys

Great parody work here. Michael Moore may be pudgy and annoying but the guy can make a movie… no matter what people’s opinions are. And when you play this song during evictions and heartache, it’s effective.

Fallen – “Time is on my side” by the Rolling Stones

I for one, always think of this movie whenever I hear this song. It’s definitely appropriate for the movie’s theme but certainly “out of place” enough to warrant a mention on this list. You just don’t associate this song with serial killers do you?  I mean I guess “Time is on my side” makes sense in terms of the spirit having so much time now but still, it’s just weird to associate this song with horror.

Blue Velvet – In Dreams by Roy Orbison

Dennis Hopper is draining laughing gas and acting like a complete loon and that same movie contains a sweet Roy Orbison song? Check. David Lynch is certainly strange. Plus it’s Dean Stockwell singing!

The Big Lebowski – “Hotel California” by The Eagles, sung by The Gypsy Kings

This one was debatable only because all the other movies involve some kind of whacked out horror. However, it’s just as completely random and amazing that the Spanish version of Hotel California is played when John Turturro is licking a bowling ball.  Well not completely.  His character is Latin but come on.  It’s in a bowling alley.

Full Metal Jacket – “Chapel of Love,” The Dixie Cups

Something’s amiss when you are filming a Vietnam scene in the mud and you hear “Going to the chapel and we’re….gonnnnna get maaarried” playing. Kubrick, as usual, stuns his audience in a great great way.

Reservoir Dogs – “Stuck in the Middle with You,” by Stealers Wheel

This one goes without saying and is clearly the best.

Obviously this list isn’t set in stone, if you have any suggestions please feel free to participate in the comments.

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