Piper’s Pit: The Infamous Coconut Incident with Jimmy Snuka


Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka was definitely one of my favorite wrestlers of all time but I gotta say the whole wearing a skirt thing always ticked me off.  I mean I get that he was trying to portray this specific image and heritage but let’s be real for a minute.  The dude wrestled into his 60s and took lots and lots of steroids.  I get this strange feeling he’s not all that cultural.  But hey, what do I know?  Also if it weren’t for the skirt and this particular incident I would have way more respect for the guy.

Leave it to Roddy Piper to completely demoralize someone on his show.  Not only does he go on this basically racist rant, he pulverizes Snuka with coconuts.  Just listen to how Piper keeps saying “coconuuuuts.” It’s amazing.  I mean even though this is scripted you’d have to think that Superfly got pretty annoyed here.  I almost liken this to a girl who starred in an adult flick for the first time and realized how humiliating it was afterwards.   Even though you know it’s all “fake” and scripted, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an effect on you.

I just wish I could have seen Snuka live in action. Anyway, enjoy the video

Image via WWE

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