The Ten Worst Movies Starring Big Time Actors

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Robert De Niro – Godsend

Like Pacino, Robert De Niro was in so many good movies for such a long period of time that you may have never believed that he would find himself weighed down by any sort of clunker. However, in 2003, De Niro starred in Godsend with Greg Kinnear and Rebecca Romijn, an implausible, ludicrous, and cheap horror flick with some of the worst, most unbelievable dialogue ever put to film. It’s  also one of the worst movies, if not the worst, that De Niro has ever been in.

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  • AL

    Nicolas Cage – Raising Arizona

    • Smith_90125

      Oh yeah? His newest is going to top…er, bottom that. Cage is so desperate for money to pay his tax bills he’s doing religion-driven crapfests like “Left Behind”.

  • Davo

    You can’t really include Cutting Glass, as Brad Pitt was a nobody when that came out. He didn’t have star power.

  • Davo

    Also T3 is worse than Salvation. By far.

  • AIPChristina

    While Little Fockers was bad, I wouldn’t personally put Dennis Hoffman on the list for that movie. He was just reprising his role from a previous movie that was good.

    • BYH

      He didn’t HAVE to. Plenty of top billed actors have turned down sequels knowing they would suck. For example, Star Trek Generations and Spock.

  • Shayna Marie Williams

    I hate to be the one to say this: But I don’t think anything about these movies could possibly be worse than the horrific captions on this list. Yeah, they’re funny if you can look past the incomplete thoughts, spelling errors, and generality of every. single. point. I had an easier time getting through Four Christmases. Good grief.