Twenty of the Toughest Fictional Movie Gangsters


Michael Sullivan – Road to Perdition

Irish mob movies don’t get much better than Road to Perdition.  And I never thought I’d ever say Tom Hanks was tough in anything but come on.  The man has the guys to come back and wipe out almost an entire mob by himself.  And he sacrifices himself for his son.

Marsellus Wallace – Pulp Fiction

Possibly given some of the coolest lines in movie history, Marsellus is one gangster you do not want to mess with.  If you do, “he’ll get medieval on your a**.”

Johnny Boy – Mean Streets

Robert De Niro getting two spots here.  Most of you may not have seen Mean Streets but Johnny Boy is one crazy character.  He may not have been a big time gangster, but he feared no man.

Joe Cabot – Reservoir Dogs

The leader.  Not to mention it’s Laurence Tierney.  Guy was born gangster.

Cody Jarrett – White Heat

Going back to 1949, Jame Cagney played this role to a tee.  If you haven’t seen White Heat, it’s definitely worth it.  Cagney plays a guy who breaks out of prison to lead his old gang in a chemical plant payroll heist.

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