Twenty of the Toughest Fictional Movie Gangsters

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Alex De Large – Clockwork Orange

If you don’t think that Clockwork Orange classifies as a gangster movie then what the hell do you call Alex’s little group?  A book club?  Nope, that was a gang and Alex was the King of that gang.

Sonny LoSpecchio – Bronx Tale

Inventor of the door test and king of the neighborhood, Sonny was both a role model and a man to fear.  What a great movie Bronx Tale was.  Sonny definitely made it better.  When he took out that biker gang, that was the epitome of gangster.

Frank White – King of New York

Oh come on now.  When you’re used in the lyrics of over 200 rap songs you know you have to have a large amount of street cred.

Michael Corleone  -The Godfather

Second to Vito and first in our hearts is Michael Corleone.  From goody two shoes solider to ruthless dictator, Corleone transforms before our eyes to become one of the most vicious gangsters that cinema has ever seen.  Killing your own brother? Pretty gangster.

Big Chris – Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

It doesn’t get much cooler than the gun scene.  Remember?  Big Chris uses the term “balls” and how they’re definitely shriveling up for his enemies because they’re carrying replica guns unlike his massive pistol.  Plus the guy is carrying around his son the whole time.  What a stud.

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