Twenty of the Toughest Fictional Movie Gangsters


The Godfather – Vito Corleone

Obviously you don’t start a list like this without the Godfather himself.  Never has there been a bad guy portrayed in such a good light in cinema before.  It’s amazing how much you root for this guy.  Although I have to say I think De Niro playing a young Vito is a bit cooler than Brando.  Brando’s character is a bit too old.   Still though a force.

Nikolai – Eastern Promises

It doesn’t get tougher than that naked knife fight scene in the bathroom.  Viggo shows his junk and also kills a guy in the process.  Plus the dude is a cop.  He ends up staying mafia though.  Highly tough.

Bricktop – Snatch

If I could understand half the words this guy was saying, I’d give him much more credit.  Although feeding his victims to pigs was certainly an interesting move.  Still though, Brad Pitt gets the best of him in the end.

Frank Costello – The Departed

I personally thought this was one of Nicholson’s better roles.  And it gave great insight into the Irish Mafia (what a dumb sentence).  My favorite line:  “snort it till your numb.”  He truly was a sadistic piece of work wasn’t he?

Lil Ze – City of God

Perhaps no one was more psycho than the character of Lil Ze in City of God.  The guy shot up an entire motel before the age of 13.  Then he goes on to take over practically all of the drug trade in the slums of Rio.  The guy is an absolute machine.  If you haven’t see City of God, then you must.

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