10 Technologies in Movies We Wish Were Real

Laser Watch

Laser Watch and Pen Grenade

Okay, so this will be the first of two James Bond mentions on this list, because come on, you can’t forget about Q’s gadgets. Both of these devices, the laser watch and the pen grenade, are used in Goldeneye, which was one of the first James Bond movies I ever saw, so I decided to group them together. What make them both a part of this top ten list of awesome technologies in movies is not only how cool they are on purely a surface level (a watch that shoots out a laser beam and a grenade that you click three times before it can blow up and kill your enemies) but also how, in Goldeneye, they are used to get James Bond out of the most dire of situations, when he believe he has no other options. That’s what earns them their spot on this list.

Photo via James Bond Suits

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