Memorable Sports Moment: Roddy Piper Hates Canada in 1984


First of all, the picture of that cougar on his shirt?  That was a staple Piper shirt.  But what was the deal with that thing?  Is it a cougar?  A jaguar?  A puma?  Eh, whatever it was I just think it adds to the fact that the guy wore a quilt everywhere. Even if it’s not Piper’s pit, this guy was by far the most entertaining character in the WWF.  Sure there’s Hulkamania, Randy Savage, and about 1000 other names.   But if you simply listen to what comes out of this guy’s mouth, there are no equals to Piper.

And let’s not forget how absolutely awful the quality of this video is.  Personally I just think it adds to the amazing factor.  I have to admit, when I was younger, I was duped into hating this guy.  After all what 10 year old would like Piper after how much he humiliated wrestlers?  But today?  This guy is my hero.  No one in the world of wrestling today can match his intensity.  Oh and by the way, Piper is Canadian.  Yeah, just thought you should know the best part of this whole thing. Enjoy the video.

Photo via WWE

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