The Ten Best Rick Moranis Movies

Rick Moranis 2

1. Ghostbusters

You had to know that this was going to be number one. Ghostbusters is one of those movies that is nearly universally loved. You can be friends with someone for years or randomly bump into a guy on the street, and there’s a 99% that both of these people will love Ghostbusters. For Moranis, the film was the “big moment” of his career, the movie that put him on the map. However, I’d argue that it never got better for Moranis after Ghostbusters, that this movie was his crowning achievement. Hopefully, if the script is good and the actors are committed, we can see a truly awesome Ghostbusters III, with Murray, Akroyd, and, of course, Rick Moranis all ready to make us laugh and cheer again. Who you gonna call?

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