Top 10 Best Harrison Ford Movies of All Time

"Star Wars: In Concert" At The Orleans Arena In Las Vegas

3. A New Hope

What do you get when you create an Old West, cowboy, outlaw character and throw him into sci-fi epic? You get Han Solo, that’s what. And thank God George Lucas did, because from the moment Han shoots first, he immortalizes himself as one of the coolest, and quite frankly greatest, film characters ever put on screen. The confidence, swagger, and pure charisma that Harrison Ford brings to Han is unmatched by any other actor in any of the Star Wars films. It’s a performance and a character that are so good that you almost want to forget about Darth Vader and the Rebellion and just hang out with Han and Chewey as they go on one of their smuggling adventures. Now I’d pay money to see that in theaters. Heck, I would probably go twice.

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