Top 10 Best Harrison Ford Movies of All Time

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9. Return of the Jedi

So you had to know that all three Star Wars films were going to be on this list, but Return of the Jedi, as much as my nostalgic kid heart wants put it at a better spot on this list, deserves the #9 slot. Jedi is filled with many great moments for Ford as his final performance (for the time being) as Han Solo. From saving Lando on Tattoine to leading the Rebellion’s attack on Endor, there’s no shortage of great Han moments throughout the film. However, what Jedi suffers from is its varying tones (the almost slapstick humor of the Ewoks greatly contrasting with Luke’s efforts to bring back his father from the Dark Side), and it also doesn’t provide nearly as many compelling moments for Han and Leia as the first two Star Wars films do.

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