20 of Television’s Dumbest Sitcom Characters (That Were Actually Funny)


Ernie “Coach” Pantuso – Cheers

Played by Nicholas Colasanto. People must never forget who the original dumb guy was on Cheers.  Some of his lines were classic.

Joey Russo – Blossom

Played by Joey Lawrence.  “Whoa!”  Remember how huge he was at that time?

Ed Norton – The Honeymooners

Played by Art Carney.  Let us not forget one of the true original dumb characters, Ed Norton.  Art Carney was hilarious back in the 50’s.

Lowell Mather – Wings

Played by Thomas Hayden Church. I wasn’t a huge fan of this show but Hayden Church was pretty funny as dumb repair man Lowell Mather.  Even the name Lowell gives off a stupid vibe doesn’t it?

Peter Griffin – Family Guy

Played by Seth MacFarlane. An obvious choice.  Man is this show good.

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