20 of Television’s Dumbest Sitcom Characters (That Were Actually Funny)


There are many ingredients that make up a great sitcom.  You always need a classic set of main characters to base the story on.  But you also need a great supporting staff.  Think about all the amazing side characters that Seinfeld had.  The show just wouldn’t have been as good if guys like Babu and the Soup Nazi weren’t on. But I’m not just talking about that.  I’m also talking about recurring characters who appear on nearly every episode.  And whether they’re serious or funny, they have to be good.

One of those characters?  The dumb guy or girl.  Sometimes poking fun at these characters can take the show to new levels.  And I think that these 20 characters certainly fit that bill.  Put it this way, Kimmy Gibbler from Full House and Waldo from Family Matters are NOT good examples. Here are 20 of television’s dumbest sitcom characters (that are actually funny).

Richard Stabone – Growing Pains

Played by Andrew Koenig. The fact that there was ever a television show that featured a guy named “Boner” is simply fantastic.  You just can’t beat that.  Boner was Mike’s dumb witted friend and he had his moments. “Mista Seavuh.”

Joey Tribbiani – Friends

Played by Matthew Leblanc.  I will admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Friends but you have to put him on this list.  And I too can admit that many of the scenes with Leblanc were pretty watchable.

Mallory Keaton – Family Ties

Played by Justine Bateman. Never forget how great a show Family Ties was.  And never forget how awesome it was whenever Michael J. Fox and Bateman were in the same room.  Some classic moments between the two of them.

Pheobe Buffet – Friends

Played by Lisa Kudrow.  I had to put her on this list even though I hated her character.  Why?  Because I’d be getting tons of annoying comments saying that I forgot to put her on this list.

Kelly Bundy – Married with Children

Played by Christina Applegate. I have to say that Kelly and Bud were one of the best brother sister combos in sitcom history.  They were amazing together.  It’s weird though, Kelly was actually witty at times always poking fun at Bud’s lack of a sex life.  Even so, she said some awfully dumb things at least once a show.

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