7 Boxing Scenes From Boxing Movies That You’ll Always Leave On


Ever get caught surfing around television and all of a sudden a boxing movie is on one of the channels?  9 times out of 10 if it’s a good boxing movie and it’s a fight scene, I will generally leave it on.  I mean how could you possibly turn off the channel when Rocky is about to knock out Apollo? I just don’t think I’m capable of changing the channel during some of these types of scenes.  Perhaps it pumps me up.  Perhaps I have a fetish for sweaty men touching each other so much.  I have no clue.  I just know that I enjoy watching this stuff. Here are some great boxing scenes from boxing movies that I could watch again and again

Rocky vs. Drago

Classic music here.  And I love when Paulie is rubbing the bald head.

Cinderella Man – Now I know what I’m fighting for

Even though you know Braddock’s gonna win, it’s great to watch anyway. That’s the sign of a good movie.

Brutal Scene in Raging Bull

This one’s tough to watch but man, what a powerful scene.  He really takes a beating here. “You didn’t knock me down.”

The Ending to Rocky II

There’s also a little bit of Rocky III in there, which I love.

Any fighting scene in Diggstown

Diggstown is such an underrated boxing movie.  I’m a huge fan.

Last Scene in Gladiator (no, not the Russell Crowe movie)

I couldn’t find it but the final fight with Brian Dennehy is pretty money.  This video is where Tommy Reilly fights Black Death.

Ali vs. Liston – Ali

This is the best fight scene of the film

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