Ten TV Shows Every Guy Should Watch



Did you watch Star Wars for the first time, see how awesome Han Solo was, and almost wish the guy was a TV character so you could get to see him every week? I know I did, and if you did, too, I have your solution: Captain Malcolm Reynolds and Firefly. Reynolds, portrayed by Castle‘s Nathan Fillion, is the spiritual descendant of Han Solo, as he leads his team of good-hearted smugglers around the galaxy, looking for their next job. He’s cocky and stubborn, but he always backs its up with his toughness and bravery. Plus, if Reynolds alone isn’t enough to get you interested, Firefly is a combination of both sci-fi and Westerns, essentially making it a show about space cowboys. Plus, it’s only 14 episodes long (plus a movie), which isn’t a big investment, and all available on Netflix. Check it out and see what you think.

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